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How Can You Tell If Someone is Faking Love

Being in a romantic relationship can make you experience all those heady emotions. Things seem and feel so dreamy when you live in your own fairy tale. But, like any fairy tales, there might be an evil villain lurking somewhere, just waiting to pounce on you on the most unexpected time. And when you become a victim of this villain, it leaves you frustrated that can soon lead to a not so good breakup.

How Can You Tell if Someone Is Faking Love

Things get even worse when what seemed like a dream turns into a nightmare because the relationship and the love itself are actually fake.

How can you tell if someone is faking love, then?

Here are a few red flags to watch out for to make sure that you free yourself from the fake relationship before it gets too late.

Your Partner is Always Willing and Ready to Walk Away

Any relationship will always have conflicts as these are a way of showing the level of care that partners have for each other.

This means that every conflict requires a resolution. If it feels like you are the only one who tries to resolve the problem or conflict that arises, this is usually a telltale sign of your partner’s emotional detachment.

Obviously, it is also the major sign that someone is only faking love. They simply don’t care if the relationship will work or not.

Your Partner is Selectively Romantic

If a person is in a relationship with but is only faking it, you cannot expect them to make any effort at all in terms of romance. There is a big chance that they are only romantic with you if it caters to their personal selfish desires that will make them feel they are loved. But, when it comes to your romantic needs, they will care very little or not even care at all.

Your Partner is Emotionally Distant When You’re Not Together

Does your partner make any attempt to reach out to you when you are not together? Do they answer your calls or reply to your text messages?

In a romantic relationship, fakers tend to be non-communicative. These people with fake love will not even try to let you know what is going on with their lives. They will also come up with all excuses why they could not communicate with you.

Your Partner Tries to Control You

There are people who claim that they are not yet prepared for any commitment because they refuse to be tied down to one person. However, couples that have a healthy relationship will never try to control each other. The two of you maintain your respect and independence to keep your unique individuality.

However, a person who is only faking love will think differently. They will tell you about the clothes you can and cannot wear, the people that you can and cannot hang out with, or the time that you should be home. These people make sure that they will choose where you eat, where you go, and what the two of you should do together.

True love, however, how its own boundaries and still give you the freedom of being your own person. This is not something you can expect from fake love.

Your Partner Only Focuses on Comfort

People often get into relationships because they don’t want to be single and they feel like a relationship will give them the comfort and attention they need.

But, a relationship will never last for a long time if you are not completely comfortable in your own skin. It doesn’t make sense to be in a relationship simply because it comforts you. It is impossible for your partner to make you feel comfortable all the time. So, when the comfort is gone for any reason, the bond will end.

You and Your Partner Don’t Have Extraordinary Moments

If the relationship feels normal with nothing special going on, chances are your partner is only faking love. The two of you don’t have special memories shared together with no outstanding feelings attached to times the two of you spend together. It should never be the case if love is real. After all, love is an incomparable feeling. So if it seems far from being amazing, it means that the love is not real.

Your Partner is Only Kinder to You When Surrounded with Friends

Another sign that someone’s love is fake is if your partner’s charm is more than what you expected when there are other people around. This kind of person is someone who just likes putting on a show for others to see.

If your partner gets boring as soon as you are alone together and doesn’t even dare to give you those hugs that you always get when you are in public, you know that those sweet actions are not real from the get-go. It is a very obvious sign of a pretentious love.

Your Partner Lacks Patience

Fake love is never patient at all and the opposite is true if someone is just faking it. Fake love is short-tempered and gets impatient easily. It doesn’t try to understand if you have problems or issues. It doesn’t bother to help or wait for you. It gets dismissive and angry instead. Aside from that, fake love is also snappy and cruel. It is judgmental because the person doesn’t love you that much to be patient. Real and genuine love will help and wait for you no matter what.

True love will also want you to always be the best version of yourself. If you have a problem, the person will give you the time and help you need.

You Just Feel It in Your Gut

Finally, when a person’s love for you is fake, you can tell and you will know it right away. Your gut feeling and sixth sense seems to tug at you. Add this to all of the signs above and you will see a clearer picture that the person doesn’t love you genuinely.