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How to Tell if A Guy Is Embarrassed (even if He’s Trying to Hide It)

How Do Guys Act when They Are Embarrassed

When men feel embarrassed, it can be difficult to know how to respond. It’s important to understand the range of reactions and behaviors that men may have in order to best navigate these situations. From facial expressions and vocal responses, to body language and avoidance tactics, it is possible to identify when a man is feeling embarrassed by looking at his behavior.

Embarrassment can be a universal experience that everyone experiences at least once in their lifetime. How do guys act when they are embarrassed? This article looks into the various facial expressions, verbal responses, and body language clues of males when they feel embarrassed.

Physical Signs of Embarrassment in Men

When it comes to emotions, men tend to be more stoic than women, but sometimes they can’t help but display certain physical signs of embarrassment. Whether it’s due to a joke gone wrong or an embarrassing question asked in public, there are 4 tell-tale signs that indicate when a man is feeling embarrassed.


Blushing is a common physical reaction to an embarrassing situation or experience, and it occurs when blood vessels widen near the surface of the skin. This causes a reddening of the cheeks and may spread to other parts of the face.

Blushing can be caused by something you said or did, or even just because someone looked at you in an awkward way. It typically only lasts for a few seconds before fading away, but it can leave lasting feelings of embarrassment and humiliation that persist long after the moment has passed. Additionally, some men may blush more easily than others due to genetic factors or learned behavior from early childhood experiences with embarrassment.


Sweating occurs when the body releases sweat from its sweat glands to cool down due to an increase in temperature. This process happens when someone is embarrassed because their body raises its temperature as a result of increased stress and anxiety levels.

Men tend to experience more profuse sweating due to having larger pores than women, meaning more sweat will be released from their skin during periods of embarrassment. Increased heart rate is another sign that someone may be experiencing embarrassment; this tends to cause excessive sweating in men too.

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Fidgeting occurs when someone is feeling uneasy or uncomfortable, and it can take many different forms. It might be as minor as shifting one’s weight from foot to foot, or something more pronounced such as playing with a pen or rubbing their hands together. It is an unconscious behavior that often reveals what someone is feeling without them having to say anything at all.

For men specifically, there are some physical cues that they may exhibit due to embarrassment which can help identify how they’re feeling. For example, running fingers through their hair or adjusting clothing may indicate that they feel embarrassed in a particular situation.

Avoiding Eye Contact

One of the most common physical signs of embarrassment in men is avoiding eye contact. When embarrassed, a man may look away or at the ground as a way to avoid feeling vulnerable.

The need to hide this embarrassing emotion can be stronger than the urge to maintain eye contact with other people. This behavior can be especially noticeable if the man is being scolded or criticized by another person and wants to avoid further awkwardness. He may struggle to make and maintain appropriate levels of eye contact throughout conversations, usually because he’s too embarrassed about something he said or did.

This particular symptom of embarrassment has been studied extensively among both genders, and it appears that men are more likely than women to avoid eye contact when embarrassed.

Covering the Face or Turning Away

When a man feels embarrassed he may cover his face with his hands, or turn away from the situation. This enables him to hide himself and any signs of embarrassment he may be displaying on his face. He might even go as far as avoiding eye contact with whoever has made him feel this way; this shows how uncomfortable and self-conscious he is feeling at the moment.

Becoming Quiet or Withdrawn

Another most common physical signs of embarrassment in men is becoming quiet or withdrawn. This could involve a man averting his gaze when someone brings up an embarrassing topic or looking to the ground if he has made a mistake. He may also try to mask his discomfort by putting on a forced smile and adopting a stiff posture.

Verbal Cues of Embarrassment in Men

Being able to read and identify body language is an invaluable skill in any situation. However, for those of us unfamiliar with this, it can be difficult to know when someone is feeling embarrassed. Below, we will discuss four verbal cues that men exhibit when they are feeling embarrassed.


Stuttering can be defined as an interruption in speech, often accompanied by extended syllables, repetitions, and silent pauses. Men who stutter have difficulty expressing themselves verbally which can lead to increased levels of embarrassment.

Studies have shown that there are certain verbal cues associated with the level of embarrassment felt by men who stutter. These cues include increasing the frequency and duration of silent pauses, repeating words or phrases multiple times, avoiding eye contact with others when speaking, using fillers such as “um” or “like” more frequently than normal speech patterns allow. Additionally, some men will increase their rate of speech or use filler words to help them get through their sentences without having to repeat words or pause too long.

Start Making Jokes

Making jokes is a common way for men to mask their discomfort or embarrassment. A man who starts making jokes when he’s feeling uncomfortable could be trying to deflect attention away from the topic that’s making him embarrassed or simply attempting to lighten up the mood.

Humor is an effective communication tool and can help ease tension and make conversations more enjoyable. But it may also be used as a defense mechanism if someone isn’t comfortable with expressing their true emotions openly. When a man begins making jokes out of nowhere, he could be doing it because he doesn’t feel secure enough about himself and his opinion on the topic being discussed.


When a man apologizes, it is often an indicator that he feels embarrassed about the situation or something he did or said. He might use phrases like “I’m sorry if I offended you” or “I apologize if I made you uncomfortable,” even when there is no real issue at hand. This behavior can also manifest as avoiding eye contact and using nonverbal gestures such as fidgeting with his hands or shuffling his feet.

Downplaying the Situation

Often, men resort to downplaying the situation when they are embarrassed. When a man is embarrassed, he may attempt to joke or laugh his way out of it. This type of behavior often serves as an indicator that something embarrassing has occurred – even if they don’t outwardly admit it. He may also try to brush off any questions related to the situation and make lighthearted comments about it.

Tips for Friends and Loved Ones

Be Understanding and Supportive

When it comes to helping a loved one who is embarrassed, being understanding and supportive are key. It’s important to remember that embarrassment can be a difficult emotion to work through and that it’s important to show support rather than judgment or criticism. Here are some tips for friends and loved ones of men who may be struggling with embarrassing moments.

  • Try not to make too much of the incident in question. Instead of dwelling on the details, focus on how the person is feeling right now instead.
  • Show that you understand their feelings by offering them words of comfort and reassurance.
  • Ask if they want to talk about what happened or if they simply need some time alone.
  • Respect their choice and don’t push for more information if they don’t feel comfortable sharing it with you.

Don’t Make Fun of Or Mock the Person

Mocking or making fun of someone who is embarrassed can be hurtful and damaging to both parties. It’s important to remember that embarrassment is a normal human emotion, and it should be treated with respect and compassion. <keywords> Humor, jokes, teasing; while these are all common ways we express ourselves, they should not be directed at someone who is already feeling uncomfortable.

People often feel vulnerable and exposed when this happens which can make the situation even worse if others make fun of them for it. Instead of laughing or mocking the person involved, take action to help them feel more comfortable by offering words of encouragement or giving them space if they need it.

Avoid Drawing Attention to The Embarrassing Moment

When men find themselves in an awkward or embarrassing moment, it is best for friends and loved ones to avoid drawing attention to the situation. Not only can this be hurtful and make a person feel worse, but it can also create unnecessary tension. In those instances, the best thing for them to do is remain supportive and provide comfort by being understanding rather than drawing attention to the embarrassing incident.

Offer Words of Encouragement and Understanding

When faced with embarrassing situations, the words of encouragement and understanding from friends and loved ones can make all the difference. Words of affirmation from those closest to them can give them much-needed reassurance that they are good people and that their situation is not a reflection on their character.

Men often find themselves in embarrassing situations due to job losses, financial struggles, or other challenging circumstances. A supportive friend or family member may offer an encouraging word at just the right time to help him get through it.

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