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How Do Narcissists Act When You Ignore Them?

A relationship with narcissists can take its toll on your own emotions that breaking away from them can feel freeing. But, how do narcissists act when you ignore them?

Narcissists Feel Enraged When Ignored

Ignoring a narcissist will infuriate them due to their fragile egos. Yes, their egos are actually fragile even if these seem quite large since they are overcompensating. Narcissists will feel humiliated and even lash out at you as a way of protecting themselves. True narcissists cannot see other people’s needs and they don’t really care at all if they are exhausting someone else.
But, it might mean danger for someone who is in a relationship with a narcissist. Completely cutting off any contact is the best that that you can do to begin disentangling yourself from a narcissist. There should be no calls, texts, emails, and most especially, no personal meet-ups.

The only sad news is that a narcissist will not change even if you do this. They can simply move on and look for another source. But, at least, you will now be free.

If you were unlucky enough to be involved with a narcissist, there is no doubt that the relationship has left you emotionally damaged. Your spirit might be left broken if you have been involved with someone who has NPD or narcissistic personality disorder.

Being the victim imprisoned in a narcissist’s abuse cycle, you have unknowingly provided them the fuel that feeds them.

Most victims of NPD try reasoning with the abuser with the hopes that they can appeal to their conscience if they express how deeply hurt they are because of the abuser’s actions. This is a futile thing, though, since narcissists are deeply disturbed and they will continue extracting the needs fromt heir victim whatever harm it may bring.

Narcissists Pursue Harder When Ignored

Narcissists do this because they can never bear the idea of losing. This can bruise their inflated egos. Ladies should also watch out since narcissists are usually tough to resist at first, that is. They will lure you in with gifts, promises, compliments, and charm. But the moment they get what they really want, everything will go away.

Narcissists Pursue Harder When Ignored

The sad thing is that it will not be long before you are caught off guard by the lack of reciprocal interest and emotional coldness of a real narcissistic partner, particularly when you discuss your concerns. Being involved with a pathological narcissist can send women on a path to almost guaranteed grief due to their partner’s out of control entitlement and lack of empathy.
What is an even more notable defining trait of narcissism is being insensitive to other people’s feelings. Add this to the fact that a narcissist doesn’t take rejection or criticism well since they might defiantly counterattack and rage. Similarly, it is rare for narcissist to say sorry since it is hard for them to admit that they are wrong in the first place.

The moment you have been lured into starting a relationship with a narcissist and you ignore him at one point to try breaking away, you might want to brace yourself for a bout of nasty and angry text messages. He might even block you completely. Contrary to a typical partner, narcissist will never try reaching out to know the reason why you are ignoring him since he doesn’t really care about what you feel. It is always about him and no one else.

Narcissists essentially thrive on the use of other people as a source of making them feel cherished, loved, and important. When you ignore a narcissist, denying them their source, they might feel enraged and try much harder to get your attention, particularly in ways that could be abusive or toxic.

Narcissists Might Try to Manipulate You When Ignored

They can do this through making promises, sweet-talking you or telling you that they miss you a lot. When sweet-talking doesn’t work, they will go into the state known as narcissistic fury on which they will attack, manipulate, threaten, or do everything just to get you engaged.

A negative or positive engagement is considered a win for narcissists. You have to stay strong and stick with no-contact and soon, the fury will subside.

If there is no other narcissistic supply source lined up, narcissistic collapse will take place and instantly enter the physiological withdrawal state that is almost the same with someone who detoxes off hard drugs.

Narcissists React Negatively When Ignored

Narcissists React Negatively When Ignored

With narcissists requiring almost constant validation, admiration, and blind obedience in certain cases, once they don’t receive any attention, they usually become quite brittle. They react in various negative ways such as rage, insults, petulance, and might even attempt undermining you in other areas of your life.

The good news is that this strategy is going to pay off in the long run because they will feel frustrated if you don’t give them validation. The moment they have thrown their tantrum and bring discomfort to your life for a bit, they will then move on to find their next supply source.

Break Free from a Narcissist to Save Yourself from Further Abuse

If you are in a relationship with a narcissist, the only answer is for you to break away from that person. Ignoring a narcissist is considered as the most effective way of severing ties from that person even though this is not an easy and simple thing to do. A narcissist is going to act out once they realize that they are rejected by their host and they will do everything to reel back in the victim.

Take note that you were the one who gave the fuel propelling their disorder. The secret is to avoid responding to their tactics.

It a must that you stay right on track and resist any temptation of engaging with the narcissist in any way. To have a successful disengagement from a narcissist, you should continue ignoring them indefinitely right until they choose to move as you also work on your own healing process at the same time.