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How Long Do Rebound Relationships Last For Men?

There is always loss involved when a relationship comes to an end, whether you were the one who left, you were dumped, or the decision to break up was mutual. The loss can sometimes feel too painful that others enter a new relationship just to end the pain. This often marks the beginning of a rebound relationship.

But, how long do rebound relationships last for men?

The Ugly Truth behind Rebound Relationships and How Long They Last

Experts reveal that rebound relationships tend to last anywhere from several months to one year. However, everything depends on how comfortable the rebounder is with the thought of being alone again. There is also the factor of healthiness that can differ from one relationship to another.

You see, the number one issue with many rebound relationships is that people sort of tend to jump right in. In the hopes of breaking free from the pain and loneliness involved with losing a person you love, you numb yourself with the first new person who comes knocking at your heart’s door. This spells disaster for both parties involved.

Rebound relationships can last for as long as you need and during this time, there is a chance that you have already moved on to a much healthier lifestyle. You no longer spend time in your dark room with a bag of chips and you now go on dates in the park instead. You also feel a boost in your self-confidence, your heart is starting to men, and you are on the process of preparing your mind for a brand new and more awesome feature.

But, the real issue with rebound relationships is that it is often unfair to the new girl in your life. If all you want is to let go of your ex’s memories and relax with a new partner, make sure the new girl knows that you are not ready for a serious relationship yet.

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Is There a Good Side to Rebound Relationships?

Now, don’t worry because not all rebound relationships are doom to fail from the start. There is actually a chance for the rebound relationship to become a long term and successful relationship. However, the rebounder will always doubt if the relationship they have with the new partner will even last.

But, the other party involved will have hopes as they exert effort and put hard work into a long-term relationship that might only fail in the end. After all, if the rebound relationship lasts for a year, it might be enough time for a person to determine if it is love or not, right? There is even the possibility of thinking about something more serious like marriage.

However, it can still be devastating if the rebound relationship ends not just because of the involved emotions but because the rebounder just wasted one year of the life of someone just because he wants to move on from an ex.

It can be hurtful and insulting that the one who was dumped might start their own rebound relationship that will create an unending cycle.

At the end of the day, you don’t really accomplish anything. The old pain will still exist and more hurt has only piled up. The good news is that you can prevent and avoid such situations.

Rebound Relationships

How to Prevent Damages Due to Rebound Relationships

For starters, you should never start a rebound relationship if you haven’t done it just yet. Take some time to let yourself heal, work through your pain, and prepare for your new best relationship. On the other hand, you should never enter a relationship with someone who has become single just recently. Even if the person seems like a great catch, there is a very little chance for the person to give you the things you desire and need as you work through your hurts and pains.

But if you do decide to move forward, it is always best to be completely honest with that person you will have a rebound relationship with and avoid playing cold and hot games. Make sure the person knows you are in the process of getting over someone and be clear with the fact that you are not sure if you want a lasting relationship. Most people will understand this. The truth is that some may prefer a short-term relationship instead of a long one.

Regardless, it is a must to communicate with one another during the relationship for the two of you to determine if you are still on the same page. This will let you better understand the thoughts and feelings of the other party and know exactly when to put an end to it or if you already went too far.

Common Signs of Rebound Relationships

There are several indicators that you or another person is in a rebound relationship. The first sign is starting a new relationship right after one has ended.

Rebound relationships also tend to escalate real fast due to the need to find affection and love. However, there are times when things can be casual and the persons involved might have no interest to fully commit to another person.

Although it is understandable if people don’t want to talk about their ex to someone else, rebounders might also not be willing to go to great lengths or open up to avoid discussing their past relationship.

Meanwhile, others might hesitate less and will have tons of complaints about their exes as they spend time with someone new. It is a telltale sign that they are still feeling hurt and they depend on the new relationship for coping with their feelings.

It doesn’t matter if you have started a new relationship and you are not sure if it is a rebound or you simply want to avoid one in the meantime, never forget that everything is still up to you. As long as you do something to cope with your pains and hurts on your own, there is no need for you to start a new relationship right away that might just complicate things further.

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