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How Should I Prepare for a Second Date?

Thousands of articles have been made about first dates. You can find all tips and tricks for first dates so you can be sure that this special moment won’t turn into a complete mess and will lead to a second date. But, for some reason, once you managed to snag a second date, it seems and feels like you are all on your own. Not a lot of things have been said about it.

How Should I Prepare for a Second Date

What you should realize is that the second date is more crucial than the first so it deserves even more tricks and tips. How should I prepare for a second date, then?

Once your first date has come to an end and you have bid each other good night, it is now time for you to come up with plans for your second date. Here are some tips to help you pull off a memorable second date that will lead to more dates in the future:

Forget About Your Nerves

If your first date made you fall in love, you are on to a great start. This feeling of giddiness is just so awesome but sadly, it might also lead to overthinking. For your second date, try to focus on your date and forget about your nerves.

When you feel nervous, the tendency is for you to worry how you will come across to the point that everything seems self-involved. Compliment what your date is wearing, mirror your date’s body language, or ask your date what they love to do the most. All you have to do is get into what your date is saying to the point that you will forget your nerves and fears.

Recall Your First Date Conversations

You can make a wonderful impression during your second date when you show can show that you really remembered and listened to the things that the two of you talked about during your first date. It is now your chance to prove and show your genuine interest in that girl or guy you are on a date with.

For instance, if your date was talking about her pet dog, you can ask about the pet on your second date. This might sound simple but it can actually make a genuine and lasting impression on your date.

Stick to More Casual Clothes

You probably wore your best clothes during your first date with the hopes of making a wonderful first impression. However, there is no longer a need for you to go this far for your second date.

There are a few tips you might want to keep in mind on what to wear. If you are a guy, you can go for a nice T-shirt or shirt and pair this with khakis or jeans. Put on your casual pair of shoes. A jacket can complete the look although it is only optional and not really necessary.

For the ladies, skinny jeans, body-hugging T-shirt, and heels can make up a great ensemble. Another safe bet is a flirty and casual summer dress that you can pair with slipper thongs. Your goal here is to look natural so you might also want to ditch heavy makeup.

Pick a Quiet Venue

Many people make it a point to choose the most impressive venue they can find for their first date. However, the location of your second date is also equally important. Since the focus now is to get to know each other better, it will be great if you pick a quiet place where the two of you can actually talk.

What does it mean, then? It means you need to skip indoor concerns, crowded bars, or parks. Instead, go for a more quiet and peaceful restaurant. The point here is that your second date’s venue should never be distracting or divide your attention. Your goal here is to just focus on your date, talk and flirt with the person so the last thing you want is to shout just to make sure you hear each over the noise.

Take the Excitement a Notch Higher

The second date is the time for you to take the excitement to the next level. You need to top everything that you did on your first date on your second one. After all, the point of this second date is to deepen the interest that you already established during the first date. To do this, you can pick activities to do or things to try that are more exciting and interesting than those of your last date.

Open Up More

The first date is often the time when you discuss topics like family, work, food, travel, and music. This time around, you need to go deeper. If the person is relationship material, you have to know that the two of you can connect on things you deem important.

For instance, if you are a bookworm, you can ask your date whether he or she also loves to read. You also need to open up about things such as wanting to change careers. You basically need to look for topics that will show your date your true self and open the door so your date can also share more about his or her own self.

Be on Your Best Behavior

The fact that there is a second date means that the person liked you enough to agree going out with you again so never waste the chance by doing foolish things. It means you need to drink to a minimum, stay respectful and never get too comfortable. Remember that you are not best friends, not in a long term relationship, and there is no guarantee of a third date just yet. If you really want to show your true self, you should try to do it little by little, one step at a time.

Take Your Sweet Time

Dates can be very exciting, especially the second date. So, take your sweet time with everything, from choosing the clothes you will wear to the questions you will ask. This way, you can be sure that a third date, a fourth, and more will soon follow!