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How to Dominate Your Woman

It’s no secret that many men fantasize about dominating their woman. Whether it’s in the bedroom or beyond, the idea of being in control and having your way with her is a huge turn-on for many guys. But how do you make those fantasies a reality? Continue reading below to learn more about it.

how to dominate your woman

Why You Should Want to Dominate Your Woman

A woman wants to be dominated in the bedroom because it turns her on. Plain and simple. There is something about being manhandled and taken control of that ignites a fire within her. It makes her feel desired, wanted, and needed. And it gives her a sense of pleasure and satisfaction that nothing else can compare to.

So, if you’re wondering why you should want to dominate your woman, the answer is clear: because she wants you to. By dominating her, you’re giving her exactly what she wants – and that’s something both of you can enjoy.

What Does It Mean to Dominate Your Woman?

In the bedroom, dominating your woman can mean taking control and giving her exactly what she wants. It means being assertive and confident without being overbearing. You should always be respectful, but also know when to take charge. This can be a major turn-on for many women.

One way to dominate your woman is to be very clear about what you want. Tell her exactly what you want her to do, and don’t be afraid to be specific. Many women love it when their man takes charge and tells them what to do in the bedroom. This can help her feel more comfortable and relaxed, as she knows that you are in control.

How to Start Dominating Your Woman

In order to start dominating your woman, it is important that you first understand what it is that she wants. Once you know what it is that she wants, you can then begin to take control and give her what she desires. Here are a few tips on how to start dominating your woman:

  • Establish yourself as the leader in the relationship. She needs to know that you are in charge and that you are the one who makes the decisions.
  • Be firm and confident when you are communicating with her.
  • Make sure that she feels comfortable communicating with you. You need to be able to listen to her and understand her needs. If she feels like she can’t talk to you, then she will never truly submit to your dominance.
  • Be patient with her. The best way to dominate your woman is to be patient with her. Show her that you care about her and want to make things work for both of you. Be assertive when necessary, but don’t be pushy or demanding.
  • Be consistent. Once you have established your dominance, you need to continue to be dominant in your relationship. You can’t expect things to be the way that you want them if you don’t do what it takes to make them that way.

The Benefits of Dominating Your Woman

In a world where the traditional gender roles are constantly being challenged, it can be hard to know what is expected of you as a man. However, there are some basic tenets of masculinity that will always remain true.

One of these is the idea that a man should be the dominant figure in any relationship, including his marriage. While this may seem old-fashioned to some, there are actually many benefits to taking on this role.

For one thing, it can help to create a more balanced relationship. When both partners are equally invested in decision-making and power struggles are avoided, it allows each person to focus more on their own needs and goals. This often leads to a happier and more satisfied relationship overall.

Additionally, being the dominant figure in your marriage can also lead to greater physical and emotional intimacy between you and your wife.

The best part about being the dominant figure in your marriage is that it can be a role that you and your wife both want. Most couples thrive when they have an understanding of whether they are taking on this role or not.

How to Keep Your Woman Dominated

As the old saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The same can be said for women, except it’s not just their stomachs that are important, but their minds as well. A woman wants to feel desired and wanted by her man. She wants to feel like she’s the only one that matters to him. In order to keep your woman dominated, you have to keep her happy both physically and mentally.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your woman dominated:

Keep the Communication Lines Open

Talk to her about what she wants and needs from you. Don’t just assume that you know what she wants; ask her directly and then listen carefully to her answer. Women need verbal affirmation more than men do, so make sure you tell her how much you love and appreciate her on a regular basis.

Make Her Feel Special

In order to make your woman feel special, you must first understand what she wants and needs. Often, women want and need different things than men. They may want more attention, affection, or appreciation than men. They may also need more time to feel emotionally connected with you.

Be Assertive

If you want to dominate your woman, you need to be assertive. Assertiveness is the quality of being self-assured and confident without being aggressive. Women are attracted to men who are assertive because it shows that they are strong and able to protect them. To be assertive, you need to be able to express yourself clearly and stand up for what you believe in.

Take Control

A woman wants a man who can take control. That doesn’t mean she wants a man who is domineering or controlling, but rather someone who is confident and knows what he wants. A woman wants a man who can be the leader in the relationship, someone she can trust to make decisions and take charge when necessary. If you’re not used to taking control, it can be daunting, but it’s important to remember that your woman wants you to be the one in charge.

Be Demanding

In a relationship, it’s important to be demanding. That doesn’t mean being demanding in a negative way, but rather having high standards and expectations. If you’re not demanding, your partner will likely take advantage of you. They may start to think that they can get away with anything, which can lead to problems down the road. It’s important to be firm with your partner and let them know what you expect from the relationship. Otherwise, they’ll never know how to make you happy.


In conclusion, if you want to have a happy and lasting relationship with your woman, it is important that you take charge and be the dominant one. Women need a strong and assertive man who can lead them and make them feel safe. So be the man she needs, and you will both be happy.

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