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How to Tap Into Feminine Energy

How to Exude Feminine Energy

It is easy to be a woman but to embrace, accept, use and exude feminine energy requires some work and effort. Since time immemorial, womanhood has been associated with powerlessness, weakness, over-emotionality, over-sensitivity, co-dependency, and sacrifice.

Instead of glorifying feminine energy, the modern society has suppressed it and this requires more masculine energy for women to be accepted, operate, and belong. Indeed, men are now running the world.

But just so you know, every woman in this planet carries a magical and powerful energy within her. And if you haven’t tapped into your energy, it is now time for you to awaken and activate this open, creative, playful, joyful, pure, and immense starting today.

Read on to know some of the best ways on how to exude feminine energy and create an impact in this man-driven world.

Enjoy Life’s Physical Pleasures

Your body as a woman is a temple. This is the only way of bringing a new life to the world and this is the reason why it should be treated as such. Make sure you do things and activities that feel great physically. The best examples of these pleasures that have something to do with feminine energy include massages, dancing, low impact training, yoga, and other types of free flowing movement classes.

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Honor and Recognize Your Sacred Sexuality

It is quite unfortunate to see a lot of women engaging with sex right on the first date. It seems that it doesn’t serve them as well as their full potential of responding sexually. Today’s women might be missing out on the chance to be really honored in such a way that will make their body and their sexuality receptive and open.

The fact that you have a female anatomy only means that there is a divine feminine right inside you. Your divine feminine longs to be tapped and awakened. You cannot expect to awaken it through exciting hookups or quick sexual releases. This is coming deep inside you and your own sexuality once you honor it. Thus, it is important that someone takes the desire, interest, and time with patience to have a space for your awakening. There should also be an element of sacredness or spirituality is contained in the sexual act.

Every sexual act is sacred but once you bring more consciousness to this sacredness, this will magnify a million fold. You should learn to honor the power and force of your sexuality and deem it as something sacred. You also need to teach the man you are seeing to do exactly the same thing.

Love and Value Yourself

Never be needy. Women are searching for the one, that one person who will come and sweep them off their feet. You might not consciously think this but this is a part of you. This is the part of you that wants your lover to whisk you off to paradise.

But, you might get into trouble if you have such a strong idealism in life. It is not easy to create healthy relationships. To come from a full place means you should love yourself and you should know how to emotionally take care of yourself. You must know how to set your own healthy boundaries. This fullness that you experience is the feminine energy that you exude. This is something that always captures a man’s heart.

Be Open to Receiving

Being a woman means you got the power of receiving, amplifying, and giving back. If you give your love to a woman, she will return this tenfold. If you give hate to a woman, you know what will happen.

If you want to better exude your feminine energy, you should simply let yourself receive more. Don’t be afraid to ask for support and favors every time you need it. Pamper yourself, get yourself gifts, and never be afraid to make receiving an important part of your overall experience.

How to Reveal Your Own Feminine Energy
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Unleash Your Creativity

Feminine energy is not only about achieving as it is also all about co-creating that involves more creativity, more music, more gentleness, more fun, more collaboration, and more flow to achieve the same results.

Nurture Yourself

As a woman, you have a significant impact on the people around you. If you want to make this planet a much better place, it all starts with you. Therefore, it is your responsibility to be like a ray of light in other people’s lives. It is something that you need to nurture on your own and doing the things that really make you happy can help you get to that place that will allow you to bring happiness to the lives of other people.

Activate Your Playful Side and Let Everyone See It

Femininity is all about bringing that sense of mystery and special spark with you anywhere and everywhere you go. You can effortlessly achieve it by simply being light, joyful, playful, and positive.

It is important to remember that your feminine energy as a woman is always there even when you cannot feel it at all. You only need to reawaken it. This is an energy that can make you intuitive, creative, compassionate, receptive, sensitive, radiant, nurturing, tender, kind, and to top it all, unstoppable!

Knowing and learning how to exude feminine energy in a very different way can help empower you even further. Make sure you always honor your sexuality that has a deep connection to your needs, wants, and desires. You should then try to fill up yourself on your own instead of trying to search for a man or someone else to do this for you. You also need to let go of the things that you were taught when you were a child or those messages that you got from romance movies, novels, and magazines.

Ladies, you should be you each and every time. Learn to exude your feminine energy, honor yourself and before you know it, the right person for you will come along to make all of your dreams come true!

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