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Can You Heal a Failing Relationship?

How to Save a Relationship Thats Falling Apart

Does your relationship feel like it is starting to fall apart to the point that it now affects other areas of your life? Are the happy and blissful days with your partner long gone now? Do you no longer spend as much time together as you used? Did you lose your trust in each other? Is the affection nothing but all in the past now?

If you answer most or all of these questions with a yes, then, it might be high time for you to take action. Below are some helpful tips and ideas on how to save a relationship that’s falling apart so you can still fix things before it is too late.

Sit Down and Talk

Your talks used to be nonstop as you discuss everything and anything under the sun. There were no dull and boring moments when the two of you are together.

But now, you sit in complete silence as both of you wait for each other to make an effort to start a conversation that will not likely happen because your partner feels the same way as you do.

If you want to start saving your relationship, it might be time to go back to your good old days and talk about even the most trivial things. For example, ask your partner about their day.

Share to your partner what you did in your day. You probably met an old friend at the mall or maybe you could ask about your partner’s family and how they are doing.

The topic doesn’t really matter because the point here is for you to continue to communicate with each other so you will feel that you are still together. You should re-establish this together so that will become a part of your normal life again just like how it used to.

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Make Understanding a Priority

This is the chance for you follow the good old rule of seeking to understand first before seeking to be understood.

When a relationship is starting to fall apart, most people tend to up the intensity as they try to get their own point across. This will automatically mean that you don’t really pay attention to your partner’s point. Once two people do this, you can never expect that the conversation will be productive.

Make Understanding a Priority

The best solution for this is to try slowing down and making conscious decisions to understand the perspective of your partner better. You should only try to make your partner understand you only after you confirmed from them that they already feel understood. You can only try to move forward and fix things only when you understand the perspective of each other.

There is one more thing you need to take note here. You can understand your partner with no need to agree with them. There are people who think that understanding means they should also agree that they try to avoid understanding. You have to remember that you can still understand the perspective of your partner even when you don’t agree with it or you don’t find it suitable for you.

Similarly, it is also important to bear in mind that just because your partner understands you doesn’t mean they will also agree with you. Thus, it is best not to expect agreement from them just as how they shouldn’t expect agreement from you.

Avoid Rash Decisions

When their relationship is on stormy waters, most people often decide to just leave. Maybe they had a big fight with their partner or the same problem just happens again and again. But, heading for the exit is giving up too soon because of frustration, laziness, or fear. This is not really good because the truth is that most couples can still make it through the rough patch as long as both parties are willing and ready to make an effort.

Avoid Rash Decisions

If there is no form of abuse present, couples can learn a lot from staying and working things out. After all, any unresolved issues might end up carried over to the next relationship. If you have assessed your problem and you have done your part to change it but you still don’t feel happy or satisfied, that is the only time to consider ending the relationship. When things are difficult, it is best to avoid making sudden or rash decisions.

Recreate Your Honeymoon Phase and Start from the Beginning

While it is important to embrace positive change and growth and its possible effect on your relationship, you also have to acknowledge and accept the fact that your partner might not really welcome your change. Most people, after all, resist change.

Change can feel a bit scary and if your behavior in your relationship is different with no effort to explain it to your partner, it is sad to see the relationship falling apart. You have to be expressive how you feel with live. To this, you can try to date your partner once again.

You should make sure to show your feelings to your partner through long peaceful walks, new activities or hobbies, handwritten notes, or over intimate dinners.

Try New Adventures

Another great way to save a relationship that is starting to fall apart is to engage in more adventures and enjoy the rewards of your braveness. If your partner has always wanted to go mountain climbing but you don’t find it fancy, now might be the best time for you to give it a try.

Allow your partner to guide you through the mountain. Bask in the wonders of nature around you and make sure to ask questions to your partner about the new things that you see in the environment. But, most importantly, unleash your adventurous side not for your partner’s sake but for your own sake instead.

This will not only help you put your relationship back on the right track as it will also let you learn new things about yourself you probably didn’t knew exist before. This will give you lots of things to discuss and the relationship that used to be safe will now become more adventurous.

Follow these tips to try to save your relationship that’s falling apart.

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