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Stop Obsessing Over Messages With Your New Partner

How to Stop Overthinking Text Conversations With Your New Partner

Most of you are probably guilty of overthinking when your relationship is just getting started. Today, however, overthinking has also extended even to something as simple as text conversations. Overthinking those messages of your new significant other will not only compromise the relationship as it can even cause stress and even physical sickness.

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to stop overthinking than what you probably imagine. A big part of it comes from becoming more confident of yourself and just letting the relationship flow.

Follow these simple rules on how to stop overthinking text conversations with your new partner:

Disconnect from Your Phone

Yes, sometimes, all it takes to stop overthinking is to put down your phone. Stay away from it even for just an hour, for an entire afternoon, or during the weekend. You can also keep your phone away from you starting at a specific time at night. Give yourself the opportunity to wind down before going to sleep.

It can be exhausting to constantly communicate with someone all the time. This is one of way for other people to steal your time so end up losing your own time.

Putting down your phone is all it takes to reclaim the time you lost.

And when your phone is out of sight or you don’t worry about it, the lesser the chance for you to worry or overthink about the text conversation you have with your new significant other.

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Live in the Moment

Sometimes, you might find yourself overanalyzing the conversation itself instead of paying close attention to what your partner is really saying. You might just focus on the words alone and not the meaning behind them.

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To save yourself from unnecessary worries, try to pay more attention to the entire conversation and repeat anything that doesn’t seem clear to you. By doing so, you can avoid reading too far to a conversation that doesn’t even need it.

Train Your Mind to Become More Positive

Once your mind starts to drift towards worries and uncertainties about your new relationship, shift the gears and think of your family, friends, your pet or anything that can prevent you from thinking about the text conversations you have with your partner.

Avoid thinking about the past or the future. If you and your partner are meant to be, you will be. Just enjoy the ride and bask in your feelings for them, not on those words they said or didn’t say in your text conversations.

Be Direct in Your Text Messages

Playing games is a big no-no because if you do, you will only feel paranoid about your partner doing the same.

Never hesitate to share whatever it is that bothers you. If you are upset, say so and why. Silent treatment doesn’t have a place in the life of an adult. Open communication and talking are so much better than complete silence. Silence can kill relationships.

There is also nothing wrong with asking for what you need as long as there is reason to it. if you like your new partner to text you once daily, by all means, ask them for it.

However, it is never okay to oblige your partner to reply to you within 5 minutes if they don’t want you to explode. You can ask for what you need but you also need to cut your partner some slack. After all, they have personal needs themselves, just like you.

Distract Yourself with Something Useful

Telling yourself not to think about something will only create the exact opposite effect. Suppressing these thoughts will only make them nag at you even more. What you should do instead is to do something else. Maybe you can pick up a new hobby with a touch of challenge. You can also hit the gym or meet up with friends.

Practice Meditation

Meditation is basically the method where you empty your mind of all sorts of thoughts. This is very helpful as it can free you from both simple and complex thoughts. Meditating also soothes your mind and freshens up things so you can see the world more clearly. This also lets you get a good grip over your bad thoughts and ensure that they don’t get out of your control. If meditation is impossible, you can go for a stroll, turn on calming music, or take a nap.

Focus on Positive Things

Always show your gratitude for every good thing that your partner does for you instead of focusing on small things they didn’t do or say. Practicing positivity can help you maintain a state of happiness and stop you from overthinking and overanalyzing text conversations and your relationship as a whole.

Avoid Reactive Replies

Instead of replying right away, sleep on it first. Allow yourself to digest any anxious feeling you might have about the meaning of your text conversations. For all you know, they might start to fade or feel unimportant the following day.

Also, don’t hesitate to ask your partner for any clarification and ask them if they can explain themselves further. Asking questions can do wonders so you don’t linger on anxiety. A simple question with a simple answer is sometimes all you need to lessen your stress.

State Your Needs in the Relationship Clearly

Most of the time, overthinking text conversations and everything else about the relationship you have with your new partner is a telltale sign that you have no idea about what you want so you don’t get what you need. When you are clear about your needs, you would be able to tell if there is something missing in the relationship. When you know what is missing, you will be able to discuss this with your partner so they will also be clear about what you need.

Instead of overthinking text conversations, it would be better to just enjoy the relationship with your new partner and let time tell where life will take you in the near future. Say no to overthinking and say yes to living life to the fullest.

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