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How to Tell If a Girl Lost Interest

Human emotions can be so complex that sometimes, you cannot understand them no matter how hard you try. One day your girl doesn’t want to be away from you for even minute and the next thing you know, she starts to avoid you like the plague. There are times when this detachment happens little by little with subtle hints but there are also instances when it happens fast that you don’t even notice it at all.

How to Tell if a Girl Lost Interest

However, one thing is for sure- she no longer feels the same way as you do. There are a few ways on how to tell if a girl lost interest. You can use them to decide whether it is still worth it to hold on or if you should just let her go.

She Now Chooses Her Friends Over You

Back in the early days, the two of you spend most time together and she just goes out with her friends a couple of times every month. But now, all her days seem to be spent with her friends. If you are living under one roof, her female friends usually hang out there more often than before.

Sex is Now a Rare Occurrence

You used to have some sexy time several times in a day every week. Both of you might feel tired but you always used to enjoy steamy bedroom activities. This time, however, has gotten so rare that you cannot even recall the last time you did it.

Sex Lacks Creativity and Has Become Routine and Trivial

You had the best sex life before. It was very enjoyable, creative, and intense. Today, all your hear are tired grunts. Orgasms have become so out of reach, there is boredom written on her face, and you can see that is already thinking what show to watch next. There no longer surprises here. If you used to have the most out of this world sexcapades, now, all those wonderful times felt like nothing but a dream. Sex now spells boring.

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She Focuses on Other Things

Does your girl used to have a hobby she loved before you started dating? She now finds it enjoyable once again with no more time spent with you. She enrolled herself to a yoga class, she started to learn taekwondo, and the only day you get to see her is on Sundays. And when you do see each other, she seems like her mind is somewhere else.

She Can’t Make Eye Contact

Can you still remember those wonderful times when the two of you gazed into each other’s eyes that seemed to last forever? Now, she just looks away. This absence of eye contact is one sign that she is no longer interested or worse, she considers you as a stranger this time around. It seems like her mind is on something or someone else. She might no longer feel comfortable making eye contact with you.

She No Longer Bothers with How She Looks

There are times when girls lie low when they know that there is no longer a need for them to attract someone. They don’t wear dresses that often anymore nor do they wear heavy makeup. They also start indulging in food every now and then. But, when a girl has lost interest, things are worse. She was very pretty before you started to date but now, she doesn’t watch her appearance at all. She doesn’t pay any attention to her clothes, makeup, and skin.

She is Not a Fan of Holding Hands Anymore

She used to take your arm or hold your hand. This time, you seem to be the only one taking the lead. It is among the unpleasant signs that she is starting to lose interest. This clearly shows just how distant you are from each other. Maybe you weren’t fond of holding hands before and-you just realized how she must have felt back then.

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She Doesn’t Discuss Her Worries with You

The two of you used to talk about some small problems every now and then. Today, she has closed herself shut. You thought that it was good earlier since you wouldn’t be discussing uninteresting things. But, you feel worried now because she doesn’t want to talk about things with you anymore. She only tells you that it is none of your business. She refuses to let you in your life this time. She is not an open book anymore that you can read any time and every time. When this happens, you can almost be sure that things are now going south between the two of you and she has lost any interest she used to feel for you.

She Finds Cuddling Uncomfortable

Nothing is as beautiful as cuddling when the two of you fall asleep in each other’s arms. Time seems to freeze when you just feel your partner’s body right next to you as you look at the ceiling in a comfortable silence. Now, you noticed that she even finds this simple act uncomfortable. She tosses and turns and you can feel her stiffen when you kiss her hair. The position that used to lull her to sleep has become the cause of discomfort for her now.

She Doesn’t Care About What Happens in Your Life

Most couples love sharing what transpired in their day. This is a wonderful way to talk about concerns, discuss some issues, vent out stress, and laugh at funny moments. But now, you can no longer recall the last time your girl asked how your day was. She just doesn’t care anymore. When you tell her some news at work, she listens uninterestedly and she is reluctant to talk about her day every time you ask her. She might just be tired but if it always happens, there is more to it than tiredness alone.

More often than not, you can tell right away if a girl has already lost interest. If you notice any of the signs above, it is up to you what you should do at this point in your relationship.