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How to Tell if a Man Is Attracted to You but Hiding It

Men can be very tricky creatures to decipher. Unlike women, they are not good when it comes to verbal communication of their feelings. This is a truth that has been universally accepted.

How to Tell if a Man Is Attracted to You but Hiding It

But, the thing about men is that no matter how much they try hiding the attraction they feel for a woman, this will still show in their behavior every time they are around the girl they like. Yes, you’ve read that right. A man can never hide it if he is attracted to you.

How do you feel if a guy feels an attraction to you, then? Here are some ways on how do you tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it?:

He Always Lingers Around You

When a man is attracted to you, he will always be around you. That’s how simple it works. After all, it isn’t what it means to like someone? You like a person so you want to be around that person.

If a guy always shows up everywhere you go or he seems to appear more in places you frequent, there is a chance that he has a purpose for doing it. It’s because he is attracted to you.

He Acts a Little Weird

Even though men can be very good when it comes to keeping their feelings hidden, this means that it is as easy as it sounds.

And it often means that he won’t behave normally. If a man is attracted to you but he tries hard to hide it, there is simply no way he can get around it. He will act weird.

What Will You Pick?

The choice you make will reveal your personality

He will try showing off when you are around or might stammer with his words. Weirdness often reveals itself as nervous energy. He may take some deep breaths or sweat a bit more than usual.

This will also play out when it comes to jokes and banter.

If they constant tell you jokes or tease you, it means he might be interested. Never allow his weird acts turn you off or distract you.

He Remembers Even the Smallest Details

Genuine brainpower is necessary to remember every single detail about the life of a person. There are even instances when you might forget those important dates the people you love. So, if a man can store and recall all the things you tell him, that alone means a lot.

You can easily notice it on how he wishes you luck before your job interview or how he asks about the birthday celebration of your favorite niece. If you told him that your cat isn’t telling you, you shouldn’t be surprised if he drops by for a visit to check on your pet.

Guys who are just mere acquaintances will never even make an effort to remember such things. When a man likes a woman, he remembers the details, including the most trivial and mundane ones.

He Looks Deep into Your Eyes

A man probably likes you but is only hiding it if he maintains consistent and deep eye contact with you. But, you have to keep in mind that deep eye contact and staring are completely different things. So, try to check if the eye contact he makes is polite and mutual.

The way a guy looks at you will almost always show how he feels for you. Every look can mean something different.

For example, an intentional glance means that a man has genuine interest in you and he will always look at you. The unending gaze is the gaze that seems to last for a long time when it is only 5 seconds long or more. This kind of glance is the crystal-clear indication of a man’s attraction. He is likely showing you that he is interested. Things become even more obvious if a guy gazes at you and smiles at the same time.

He “Accidentally” Touches You

If a guy is attracted to you but tries to hide it, he will feel the need to touch you so he can feel that spark of your skin touching his. Even if he tries to hide his attraction to you, he will never be able to rein in on that urge he feels to touch you. It means that one of the things you will notice is how a man will touch you much more than he does to others. He might come up with excuses just to touch you. He might also try blending it in the most natural way possible.

But once again, you have to watch out how often he touches you and how he does it For instance, you might note how he seems to touch your arm more when the two of you are talking. His hug might also be several second longer and you may even notice how he pushes his body against yours.

Also, you might notice him brushing past you or touching the arch of your back whenever he moves past you. There is no need for him to do these things and it is also possible that he is not this touchy-feely with others. But since he is attracted to you, he cannot stop himself from feeling the connection of your bodies.

He Asks You Lots of Questions

If a man is attracted to you, he is really attracted to you. It is that obvious. But, try to think about what it really means to like someone. It means that they fascinate you. You are interested in that person and you cannot seem to get enough of them.

Simply put, you just want more of that person in your life and you want to know more about that person.

If a man is attracted to you, he will take keen interest in the kind of person you are, the things you like and don’t like and who you are underneath.

To do this, he will ask you lots of questions. Even if he is still hiding is feelings for you, he will ask you numerous questions.

Use these ways on how to tell if a man is attracted to you but is hiding it and for all you know, he might be the one for you!

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