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Reasons Why a Husband Ignores His Wife

Husbands and wives promised to be together through thick and thin. But, what if a husband starts showing concern for his wife? He no longer calls to ask where his wife is. He seems so aloof even if the two of them are living under the same roof.

There are actually many reasons why a husband ignores his wife and some of these are the following.

The Wife Always Finds Faults

Any relationship is bound to have arguments and disagreements no matter how long or short they have been together. There are times when a wife, either unintentionally or intentionally, tends to put an end on the discussion by pinpointing the husband’s faults or blaming him. When the wife does this but fails to apologize for her fault or doesn’t acknowledge her mistakes, the husband may get annoyed.

There are Problems with Communication

More often than not, the absence of healthy communication makes the wife feel neglected. For example, the wife says something harsh to her husband unknowingly or knowingly during a quarrel. The wife forgets about it after a while and returns to her normal self. But, the husband still feels angry and hurt and might not talk to his wife without telling her what is bothering him. If there is no proper communication, a gap may form between the husband and wife that can get bigger and bring harm to the relationship.

Friends Become Top Priorities

There are times when a wife might feel neglected if the husband is spending more time with friends and less time with his wife. In some cases, the husband doesn’t really intend to ignore his wife. However, there are also cases when this neglect might be deliberate because the husband prefers to be with his friends more than his wife.

The Struggle with Constant Stress

Stress can be due to different reasons such as family problems, work responsibilities, financial pressure, and more. Any of the said reasons can have an adverse effect on the mood of the husband just as how they affect the wife’s mood. The husband might no longer be able to spend more time with his wife than what he used to and the wife might interpret that her husband is ignoring her.

Sexual Life Has Gotten Off the Track

It doesn’t matter if a couple has been married for decades or are newly married since physical intimacy will also play a critical role in the relationship. The relationship will get too boring without it. If a couple fails to share good sex, there is a chance that they will start drifting apart and the husband might start looking somewhere else and ignore his wife. Sitting down to discuss the matter and searching for ways to bring spice back to the sex life can help. Obviously, the silent treatment or ignoring each other will never work at all.

Sexual Life Has Gotten Off the Track

Possibility of Cheating

A husband might ignore his wife if he already likes someone else. Extramarital affair or infidelity is another potential reason that can widen the gap between a husband and wife. However, it is never recommended to jump into conclusions except if there is a solid proof for this since there is a chance that there is no cheating happening in the first place.

Dos and Don’ts for Wives to Capture Their Husband’s Attention

There are several things that a wife should and shouldn’t do to capture the attention of her husband.

Do practice patience.

Once you already told your husband that you feel ignored, you have to practice patience if he is trying to show you how important you are to him. Remember that change can take time and some habits are just hard to break in spite of giving it your all.

Do schedule regular date nights.

The purpose of these regular date nights is to ensure that your friendship also stays strong. It will serve as a reminder to your husband the reason why he loved you in the beginning.

Do schedule regular date nights

Do come up with a way to connect without the help of marriage counseling.

There are times when marriage counseling doesn’t work for both parties. If this is the case, try to think of a way to connect with one another outside therapy sessions. You can go to the church or attend a class together. It can also be great to hit the gym together. Whatever you do, make sure you do it together to strengthen your bond.

Do remind him why you are a team.

Some men are never big fans of talking that can make it challenging if you want to make your bond stronger with more open communication. You can conquer this problem by keeping a thankful journal where the two of you will write your appreciation for each other with no need to actually say it out loud.

Don’t bash him all the time.

Bashing will never get you anywhere. There is nothing worse than having a nonexistent sex life and being accused of cheating. If your husband said he doesn’t and you don’t have a proof in the first place, it is best that you just let it go and back off.

Don’t remind him of the past.

Now, this one needs to stop if you want your marriage to move forward. Maybe he had past mistakes or has been nasty to you. But this is all in the past now and that is where is should be. Or else, why are you sticking with him to this day? It is never a good route to dig up the past just to punish him because you feel ignored.

Don’t shut him out.

Just because you feel angry doesn’t mean you need to shut out your husband when he is already trying to change his ways. Instead, try to support the efforts he is making and show him through your words and actions that you appreciate what he is doing and you understand how tough it is to change habits.