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What are the Signs of Fatal Attraction?

There are some people who make the mistake of entering a relationship where both parties end up destroying each other. Sometimes, this happens because they ignored or take for granted those initial warning signs that tell them that the person they were attracted to is a ticking time bomb or an emotional train wreck.

More often than not, you get drowned in the physical, sexual, or mental attraction you feel only to end up angry, revengeful, bitter, heartbroken, and entangled in a tricky emotional roller coaster.

No, you might be wondering – what drove you to choose an incompatible partner in the first place? Were you oblivious to your differences in values or did you not see their arrogance? Why weren’t you bothered by their problematic traits enough for you to stop entering the relationship from the get-go?

Experts believe that there are times when the traits that you didn’t like in your partner are also the same traits that you were initially attracted to. This process is what you call fatal attraction.

What are the signs of fatal attraction, then?

Shallow Emotions

The person is quick to share a lot of things even if the relationship is still too early. They also say tend to tell you they love you or that they want to commit to you or even marry you. Most of the time, in less than several weeks of dating, you will hear them telling you that you are the love of their life, they want to stay with you forever, and they want to get married to you.

What Will You Pick?

The choice you make will reveal your personality

You are going to be showered with endearing names and instant attraction and overwhelmed with all sorts of promises and attention. However, as the wise saying goes, if something is actually too good to be true, it almost certainly is. This fast warm up is a telltale sign of shallow emotions that can later on cause that person to detach from you just as fast as how they committed.

No Emotions are Shown at All

It is also a fatal attraction if the person doesn’t express emotions, doesn’t get excited about things, doesn’t get emotionally involved, and doesn’t even sympathize with the pains of other people. To put it simply, the person is just emotionally cold and bland.

He will toy with your emotions right from your first date. They will show up late, promise to call but don’t, agree to meet only to forget to contact you to cancel, forget the things you consider important, and so much more.

More often than not, you feel unsure where they really stand when it comes to their feelings for you. When confronted, they might even admit that they don’t really have feelings for you and they do it really coldly.

Having immature outbursts

Unable to Handle Emotions

People who are fatally attracted hold grudges and are easily overwhelmed in terms of emotions. They also cling to bitterness and are unable to handle criticism, rejection, and frustration. During the first several dates, you will often hear stories about the things that others did or do to him, how evil this world can be, and so much more.

However, these stories can quickly turn to the things that you do or don’t do that hurt their emotions. The relationship can then become one filled with blames, accusations, and arguments. You also need to always explain and defend yourself and try to talk them into feeling differently about things. When you are with this person, it feels like you are walking on eggshells.

Short Fused or Tendency to Have Emotional Outbursts

They are also prone to blowing up easily. They shout or are rude to customer service people, waiters or waitresses, or complete strangers. They also do dangerous things such as getting into fights, driving too fast because they are mad, throwing or breaking things, threatening others, and more.

These people also clearly let you know that they have this capability and ability and that this might end up coming your way. A time might also come a time when there is no one to let out their temper on and obviously, you are the easy and soft target available.

This one is not only applicable to men. Women might also be unnecessarily physical with their temper yet each sentence they speak and the different lies they can invent are just equally hurtful.

Manipulation with the Use of Emotions

Finally, these people also create situations where they become the center of all attention and everything is distorted and exaggerated to dramatic proportions. These can include playing victim like being persecuted by other people, exaggerating or feigning illness, or inviting or causing injury. You also find yourself spending most of your time trying to make them feel good about themselves. They will come up with more schemes when you give them more attention. It is like you are trying to fill up a large bottomless pit.

Don’t Mistake Fatal Attraction for Something Else

Attraction, whether it is physical, intellectual, emotional, or spiritual is extremely important. No one wants to be with someone who makes your mind wander someone else or brings a big yawn to your face.

However, attraction should always be healthy in order to have a great relationship. The only way for you to know if your attraction is healthy is to be completely honest as to what motivated the connection. If you don’t get real when it comes to the health of your attractions, you actually risk losing something that is more important than anything else and that is yourself.

If your own emotions are healthy enough, your emotions will serve as the sources of energy that you need to make good decisions, read and deal in the most effective way with the feelings of other people, optimize you ability of having healthy relationships, enjoy work, and take pleasure in everything that life has to offer.

Always watch out for these signs of fatal attraction to keep your relationships as healthy as possible.

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