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What Does 3 Months of Dating Mean?

Starting to date someone feels like the door to a new magical world has opened before you. Everything that you do is filled with excitement and fun, especially since this is the first time that the two of you will be doing things together.

The mere act of exchanging text messages with your new girlfriend or boyfriend is more than enough to make you feel like you are on cloud 9. You don’t even mind reading again and again the messages they sent you. Every moment just feels like a dream and the words “I love you” become a mantra that makes you fall in love over and over again.

This and more are the joys that are often felt the most during the first three months of dating.

What is 3 Months of Dating?

The first three months of dating is a complete bliss. This is why this is usually called the honeymoon phase. This starts on the first day that you enter the new relationship and lasts for 90 days, thus explains the name 3 months of dating.

This honeymoon phase or 90-day trial period is a time marked with the wonders of dating. This is the moment when the mere sight of your new beau’s name on your phone notification is enough to give you butterflies. This is the time when cozy nights and lavish nights out are both desirable and when you find yourself doodling your date’s name in a large heart bubble like what you used to do when you were still in grade school.

Then, you wake up one day only to realize that it has already been three months. But, for one reason or another, it usually means that it is time for you to swim or sink.

The thing about this phase is that this is usually critical for couples. This is the time when you often make a decision on whether or not you are fully prepared for a long term relationship. It is also the stage when you decide if you are ready to take things to the next level or just go separate ways.

Most people start to be doubtful of their relationship during this three-month mark, so don’t worry if this is also how you feel. After all, no one in this world can really know for sure if your current relationship will be for keeps or if it will just come to an end pretty soon.

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Common Changes That Happen During 3 Months of Dating

Three months may seem and sound too short but there are actually several changes that are bound to happen during this stage of your relationship. Some of these include the following:

The honeymoon phase will soon start to fade.

The honeymoon phase, as mentioned earlier, will make you feel as if you entered a world filled with fun, excitement, and magic and this lasts for about three months. The phase can be so addictive that many people just want to remain in that blissful bubble for them to continue feeling those wonderful emotions.

However, the sad news is that this is far from possible because at one point, typically after three months, this honeymoon phase will start to fade away.

Don’t be mistaken, though. It doesn’t mean that your feelings will start to fade as well or anything like that.

This just means that all the magical bliss that you felt when the relationship started will now turn to something more serious.

Entering a new relationship will make you feel as if you have just been born again since things around you are new and thus, exciting.

However, as time goes by, you will get used to these things and what felt like magic will vanish little by little.

This is also what happens to the relationship itself and it is perfectly normal since this means that you are now starting to evolve.

You will start to feel like you are now fully ready to say the words I love you.

All relationships progress at their own paces and there is no definite guide that tells you the exact time to say these three words.

This is why you need to listen to your feelings and follow your heart. Most of the time, people will start to feel like they are ready to say the words after three months of dating or more.

The moment you already spent a lot of time together and shared all the fun, you will begin to feel the warm sensations that tell you that you need to confess your love since you are now perfectly ready to utter the words.

You will usually fantasize about saying I love you and even if you can feel that you are truly ready, there is nothing wrong if you still feel anxious about finally saying it out loud. This is just normal because these are words that you don’t say to anyone every day.

Playing dating games will now end as the two of you become more relaxed with each other’s company.

When you first started dating, you are too concerned about pretty much everything. You are worried that you are texting your partner too much. You are afraid that you are flood liking their posts on social media. You even feel scared that they will think that you are just playing hard to get. You wouldn’t want to come off as someone pushy or needy. You wait for this or that to happen first before you take action.

These can all be considered as sweet dating games that all couples go through. This shows how much you like each other and that is why you want to be sure that you don’t ruin anything.

However, when three months already passed, you will start feeling more relaxed around each other. You will no longer worry about these things too much. This is when you will feel more casual and stress-free.

The 3 months of dating is a phase that you will want to treasure and enjoy as much as you can!