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What Does Adorable Mean to a Guy?

Nothing feels as good as hearing a guy compliment you. These compliments can sometimes catch you by surprise and make you wonder where it came from. This is especially the case if the compliment doesn’t have any basis at all or at least, that is what you thought. Well, ladies, every comment that a guy makes always has a reason.

Yes, most of the time, they never give compliments for no reason.

What do guys mean when they compliment a girl? To be more specific, what does adorable mean to a guy?

More often than not, guys make such comments if they find you attractive. But, adorable can actually have many other meanings for guys and some of them are the following.

Adorable Means You Have an Adorable Physique

Men find girls adorable if they have specific characteristics to their physique. Things such as being petite and wide eyes are the things that often lead to such comment. A guy may like a particular thing on your body that makes him find you adorable?

Are you on the petite side? Men who are taller tend to find smaller women adorable since they are much bigger than the ladies. Are your cheeks chubby? Men often think that a girl is adorable if her cheeks are chubby. This is for the same reason that old people tend to pinch your cheeks when you were still a little kid. Chubby cheeks are just too adorable and irresistible anyway.

Adorable Means You Got a Sweet Smile

Most men find it refreshing to be with a lady with a beautiful and sweet smile. So, if a man calls you adorable, it can be his way of acknowledging your pretty smile. Guys tend to get attracted to sweet smiles and make them feel more comfortable around you.

Adorable girls are not only attractive but also fun to be with. Guys prefer girls who are easy-going and happy. He finds you adorable because you have such a welcoming smile.

Adorable Means You Did Something Cute

Now, it is very possible that a guy called you adorable not because he has romantic feelings for you. Things can be just platonic and he just finds you adorable because you did something adorable in the first place. Maybe you were a bit clumsy or you let out a hiccup, just to mention some things that men find adorable and he simply wanted you to know that he found your actions charming. It doesn’t mean he wants to take things to the next level. He only wanted to flatter you in a way, especially if what did was a bit embarrassing.

Adorable Means You are Not Like Other Girls

A guy may call you adorable because your qualities are different from those of other girls he knows. He just likes it that you are simple, for example. There are girls who wear heavy makeup and try crazy antics for guys to notice them while you are just being your good old self. You stick to your own comfortable style and this makes you even more adorable. You are open and honest and the guy loves being with you. He might call you adorable because he hasn’t gotten a glimpse of your sexy side just yet.

Adorable Means You are a Wonderful Company

Adorable girls make excellent company since they are friendly lively.  These girls are happy and they live their lives on a lighter note. They also share their jokes to make a group lively. Adorable girls are also attractive thanks to their charming nature and this is something that men find irresistible. If a man calls you adorable, it means he enjoys having you around and you make him happy.

Adorable Means He Really Likes You

Is there a guy who always calls you adorable every single time whenever you say or do something? Now, this one is a clear indication of his feelings for you or that he finds you super attractive at the very least. If a guy is crushing on a girl, he wouldn’t think twice about complimenting her. It can be with the things she does, with how she acts, or with her physical appearance. There are guys who opt to use the words cute or beautiful while others prefer the word adorable or sometimes, even sexy. This can differ from one guy to another but it only means one thing – he likes you or is starting to feel that way.

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Adorable Means He Wants to Cheer You Up

There are instances when a guy may call you adorable in an attempt of making you smile. Are you going through something before you heard him made the comment? Does he know that something bad has happened to you? Is he aware of your insecurities? If yes, then, it is very much possible that he wanted to cheer you up so he called you adorable. This choice of word might not have any special meaning at all. It could be the first word that entered his mind while he was thinking of what to say to cheer you up.

Adorable Means You Lack Experience with Something

A guy might just find it cute that you have no idea what you are doing. It can happen at work or when there is something you want to achieve. He might find your failure and effort a bit cute, especially if this is something he knows and you don’t. This is probably why he called you adorable.

Adorable Means He Didn’t Like What You Said

Just because adorable sounds like a compliment doesn’t mean that it was meant to be a compliment coming from a guy. There are even instances when a guy may call you adorable as his way of mocking you. Have the two of you been arguing over something. If you made a point and he calls you adorable, this is usually a sign that he is mocking your statement. It is his way of belittling you. Make sure you pay attention to how a man uses the word depending on the situation.

Adorable is a word with different meanings for guys. Make sure you remember the ones above so you can tell right away what it really means when a guy calls you adorable.