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What Does It Mean if She Never Texts First

One of the biggest and most common frustrations that people in a relationship often face is when they feel like they are always the first one to make a move or do something. It can be something like being the first to confront a problem or the first one to initiate some bedroom romance.

What Does It Mean if She Never Texts First

This also applies to texting. If your girl never even tries to text you first, you might feel insecure or just downright irritated. All sorts of questions are running through your mind. Does she never think of you? Doesn’t she care about you at all? Or could it be that she is busy texting someone else?

What does it mean if she never texts first, then?

Well, if you don’t want to be overthinking or pulling your hair out in annoyance, check out the following possible reasons why your girl doesn’t text you first.

She is Not Really into Texting

Now, this reason might be hard to believe but it is true. There are some people, girls specifically, who are not a big fan of being on the phone or texting all the time. This might be a big shock to those who cannot seem to last a day without their precious smartphone.

Her not being into using her phone is probably the number one reason why she never texts you first at all. Don’t worry because you are not the only one she doesn’t texts. If it is any reassurance, she might not be texting anyone first. It is possible that she prefers phone calls or face to face conversations.

If this happens to be the case, you might need to meet her halfway. There are pros and cons to texting. However, if you think you need to text each other for those times when you might not be physically together, it wouldn’t hurt to discuss it with your girl. You can smile now because it means that she is interested in you. Good news, right?

She is Used to You Being the One to Text Her First

If you have been texting her first all this time, you can pretty much expect that this will become the norm. Of course, she might ask her friends if you don’t text her for whatever reason. If she will ask you about it, it will mean that she needs to text you first and you know this is not what the two of you have been used to.

She knows that you will still text her first since this has been the norm. Maybe she prefers it this way. She might sometimes feel like texting you first because she doesn’t because you sending the first text has been the way things are.

She Wants to Test Your Level of Interest

People men and women alike, can be tricky to read and understand. The dating business can be quite vulnerable so if your girl has made her interest in you clear but you still haven’t done it, she might go for the strategy known as “wait and see.” If you don’t text her first, she will think you aren’t interested. But if you do, it means you are definitely interested. That’s how clear cut thing are for most girls.

When does this kind of test mostly happen? It is often right after dates. Anything as simple as a message asking if she got home safe to making some plans for future dates can help her determine your level of interest. This isn’t something she will gauge if she is the one to text her first so the waiting game is on.

She is Texting Multiple People

This is how modern dating has become. Everyone is probably talking to several people at the same time. With all the different options with no way to tell who is more serious or where things will go, most people prefer to keep their options open. If multiple people are showing interest in her and text her first, why will a girlt text you first if others are more than willing to make the effort?

If you want to make sure that you stand out from the rest, maybe you can do away with the messaging and just be yourself and win her heart that way?

She Thinks It’s a Waste of Effort

Maybe the girl doesn’t text you because she thinks that it is pointless. If you have been going out for some time and she still doesn’t initiate texting, there is almost no denying that she is not as invented as you are. It will come to a point where it doesn’t matter who texts first and expecting both parties to make the same level of effort.

If it has already reached this extent, you can talk to her about it or read the clues she is giving you. It is all too easy to assume that the effort must come from the man first, from that first contact to planning dates to determining where the relationship should go.

If you prefer a playing field where everything is equal, someone needs to say something first. The answer is probably not the one you expect but it will at least tell you where you stand in her life.

She Just Feels She Can’t Text You First

This last reason is a bit sad but it remains to be a fact even to this day. There are some dating rules most people still feel like they should follow. It could be the way you dress up, avoid taboo topics, or play hard to get. But, the most common one is that the guy should always be the first one to message after a date or make the first move.

There are a lot of women who are not even sure if they should text a guy first because they don’t want to seem needy or desperate. They think that the man should be the one to pursue them because that is what a man should do, right?

These are the most usual reasons why she might not text you first. Which of this do you think applies to your girl?