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What Does It Mean to Miss Someone?

I miss you are three simple words that have such a remarkable power to convey and express some of your deepest emotions. When you start to fall for a person, you would want to spend more time with them as much as you can and it is only natural for you to miss them if you are not together. So, what does it mean to miss someone?

The truth is that the feeling of missing someone doesn’t necessarily mean that it is love. There are times when it might only the first signs of an attraction, a crush on someone, lust, or pure infatuation.

You Miss Someone Because of How Things Used to Be

The early stages of a relationship can be exciting and fun and the person is usually on your mind. It is how things should be because this will serve in driving the relationship to the next stage. Once there is no chemistry or the spark has died, the longing for the person will stop and you might intentionally put a distance between the other person and yourself. Once put up this wall between the two of you, you might miss the person much less than if this is done to you by the person you cared about.

You Miss Someone in a Non-Romantic Way

You can also miss people that you are not necessarily in love with in a romantic way. This category can include family members, best friends, and even your pets. You just miss the closeness that you share together and their presence every time they are not around.

You Miss Someone Because of How You Felt

Missing someone might also be mainly based on the emotions you feel. You may miss what a person represented to you. You might also mean miss that euphoria of being in love or you might miss the things that you wanted to have with a person but you couldn’t or didn’t due to certain circumstances. You might also miss the fact that there is no closure or there are now answers to some of your lingering questions after your partner broke up with you.

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You Miss Someone Because of Unfulfilled Strong Wish or Desire

It is true that you could feel a sense of longing for things that you never had and you always wanted. However, there is no way that you can really miss the person since you never achieved it to validate if your expectations have been fulfilled or not.

For instance, you might feel that there is a missing piece in puzzle of your life if you have always dreamed of a baby girl but you never had one. However, this is what you can consider as a missed dream, chance, or opportunity instead of missing the person. That pain you feel is not because you miss the actual person but because you have a strong wish or desire that wasn’t fulfilled.

You have fallen in love with a dream and you might feel that sense of loss every time you rewrite any dream. You might also feel jealous or angry towards those people who were able to achieve it. If your child passed away or if you lost a baby because of miscarriage, you will surely miss them and how things could have been. You feel a deep sense of missing their presence in your life, that love that you shared, and the lost future that you could have spent together.

For you to miss a person out of love, the person should have been tangible, real, and present in your life. It is not love anymore if you lost a romantic relationship but you only miss those times that you spent together since it used to serve to fill a void or need in your life. Of course, this is unless you really miss the actual person.

You Miss Someone Because of What They Represented

There are times that people assume that because they miss that time in their lives that they shared with someone already means that they miss the person when the truth is that they only miss what the person represented. It could be freedom, youth, or intense infatuation that made you feel alive. You might miss that attention that they gave you or the fact that your relationship has helped you through a difficult time in your life. However, you should remember that if things were meant to be, they would have been. Clinging on to your feelings of wishing that the person will come back to you or recalling that time in your life again and again will make you miss out on those things happening in your present.

You Miss Someone Because You Miss the Absence of Their Presence

If the love you feel for someone is true, you will have the tendency to miss the absence of their presence. This can happen even if the person is right next room. The thing that you miss here is that connection that you have with the person. It can happen in all types of relationship wherein your daily lives can intrude on your chance to actually be together. Every time you feel disconnected, you will feel the desire of drawing the person closer to you again.

If you don’t miss your boyfriend, girlfriend, mate, or partner, then, it might be time for you to ask yourself if what you really feel for the person is true love. You can always miss a person you don’t truly love but you can never love someone that you don’t really miss.

When you enjoy a person’s company yet you don’t think twice about them every time they are far from you or they are gone, it only means that you don’t love that person. If you don’t feel incomplete, lonely or even worried of their wellbeing or safety every time they are not  with you, it might be about time for you to take a step back and asses your relationship from the beginning.