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What He Thinks When You Ignore Him

How many times have you tried to ignore your man just so you can get his attention? You want him to realize that you have your own life to live and you just cannot sit around while you wait for his texts.

While this plan might sound all good on paper, there are times when things never play out as how you want them to.

Just to give you a good idea, here are the things that your man might think every time you ignore him, whether deliberately or not.

You’re Not a Girlfriend Material

Probably the first thing he will think about when you ignore him is that you are not a girlfriend material. Emotionally stable men like to share and they want engaging with their girl. They expect back and forth communication. Once he feels that the relationship is one-sided, he will stop making the effort. A great guy will end up frustrated if you ignore him.

You Don’t Even Need Him

Good men want to be good providers. These men are strong and they want to be on the lead and support their woman. If you give him the cold shoulder when he makes the effort to talk and reach out to you, he will think that you don’t really need him at all.

Men want to feel that they are needed. They dream of becoming a superhero who will sweep you off your feet and save you. It might sound cheesy and all but it is the primal instinct that has stuck with men for eons.

As a woman, your primal instinct is to accept a man’s advances. During the ancient times, it means accepting the animal he hunted for dinner. In the modern day, it means replying to his text messages.

You are Only Playing Games

Men never like complicated things.  They are not big fans of mixed signals. Once you start to play games, it will be all too easy for him to get frustrated. It is like entering an escape room and searching for clues. It might be fun if you got nerdy friends with you but it is never fun if you are unsure if there is even a way out of it.

You Crave for His Attention

If you ignore him intentionally, there is a chance that you want him to feel as if he should reach out to you more. What you want is for him to pursue you. However, the funny thing is that there are men who can see the truth behind this. Once he notices that you are ignoring him, there is a chance that he will sense that you are only playing hard to get and as a result, he might lose interest to play along because you only want his attention.

You Crave for His Attention

You are Not Interested

One more thing that a man might think when you ignore him is that you are simply not interested. In this contemporary dating world, one great way of building chemistry is texting. If you are not much into texting, you might lose out on great relationships. Ignoring his texts, for example, may make him reach out or he might look for another girl who might be more interested.

You are Seeing Other Men

Men who tend to get jealous easily might think that there are other men in your life if you have the habit of ignoring him. If you are seeing each other or currently courting and things are not official just yet, you can pretty much expect him to assume that you are out with someone else. It is good if he thinks that you are out there playing the field. This informs him that another man might steal his spot if he doesn’t make the next move.

This increased pressure is a wonderful way encouraging a man to take things a notch higher. The last thing you want is for him to assume that he go all the time in the world.

You are Rude

A man will start to think that you are rude if you ignore most of his texts. Men never find rudeness attractive, especially if you are seeing a good man. The best man is someone who is emotionally stable and is ready to permanently settle down with one woman. He would never think of settling down with someone when he doesn’t feel listened to and heard.

You are Busy

The last but definitely not the least thing he will think if you ignore him is that you are probably just busy. If your job is demanding and always requires you to work, it is the most obvious conclusion that he will think of.

Now, you might assume that it is awesome if he thinks that you are a busy and independent woman. Even though it might work once, you cannot expect it to continue working for a long time.

If you ignore a man the whole day and you still fail to answer after sends you another text message, he will no longer think you are busy but that you are just downright rude.

Should You Ignore a Man to Get His Attention?

The simple and plain answer here is a big no. ignoring is completely different from pulling back to let him take the lead and step up.

When you ignore him, it means that you are not responding even as he tries to make an effort. So, he sends you text messages but you aren’t texting back. You don’t answer his calls at all.

Pulling back is the exact opposite of this. Pulling back just means that you are not the one who reaches out first. You don’t call or text him first but you pick up and respond when he does.

If you think that ignoring him will always benefit you, you might want to think again. It is important to always strike the perfect balance in the relationship. You must be willing give and receive.