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What is a Hopeless Romantic Girl?

What is a hopeless romantic girl? This term seems to be used more and more these days that it already feels overused. How do you even know if you are a hopeless romantic yourself? A hopeless romantic girl is basically someone who has an idealistic perception of love in spite of her previous experiences. Hopeless romantic girls consider it of utmost importance to find the love of their lives. They do things to find this love that unromantic girls would never attempt to do.

Behaviors and Traits of a Hopeless Romantic Girl

It is easy to spot hopeless romantics even from miles away because they have certain qualities that ordinary girls don’t have.

Her wedding is already planned out.

Even though most women love dreaming about their wedding, a hopeless romantic girl will already have her entire wedding day planned out from start to finish even if there is no groom yet. From the décor and flowers, to wedding colors, and even the season of the year, a hopeless romantic girl has already figured things out.

While some girls plan their weddings since they love event planning, a real hopeless romantic girl has things planned out since she loves the thought of getting married. This is not just about the wedding day itself but the start of the rest of her life. These girls are also excited to meet the man they will marry.

She isn’t afraid to show her emotions.

It is almost second nature for hopeless romantic girls to get teary-eyed at songs, books, or movies. They will probably cry about something if it moves them. Nothing stops their tears even if there are other people around. Hopeless romantic girls are usually very comfortable with showing and expressing their emotions.

Since it is not healthy to bury or ignore your feelings, hopeless romantic girls are often emotionally healthier than those who don’t express their emotions at all.

She finds it more important to be close to the man she likes.

For hopeless romantic girls, sex is never the most crucial aspect of the relationship. These girls don’t miss sex when they are single and instead, they miss the feeling of being close to someone. Kissing and cuddling are much more important than sex to these girls.

This is the reason why hopeless romantics don’t engage in one-night stands. They have the tendency to fall hard and fast on someone and one night stands will probably bring more harm than good. They prefer to get to know a man better before taking the next step.

She believes in soulmates and “the one.”

All hopeless romantics believe the idea of soulmates and “the one.” These girls probably search for a partner who feels like the one for them. However, experts recommend to avoid the expectation that one person will meet all of your needs. Although there is nothing wrong with the idea of “the one,” you still need to be more realistic.

When it comes to realistic expectations for soulmates, it means that the person doesn’t have to be perfect. The hopeless romantic should then accept her partner’s imperfections. It should also mean that there will be challenges to the relationship but they will work together to make it successful.

She celebrates small anniversaries.

A lot of people poke fun and tease couples that celebrate their 10th month anniversary or first week anniversary. But, hopeless romantic girls celebrate even these small milestones. Doing this might seem a bit silly for people whose romantic views are different. However, hopeless romantics consider this as another important step into their future as a couple.

man and woman celebrate anniversary

There are some who even go all out with their gifts complete with romantic dinners and social media greetings. No matter how the milestone is recognized, hopeless romantic girls never let special dates pass with no way of marking them off as important.

She loves romantic poems and songs.

Another common trait of a hopeless romantic girl is that she always listens to love songs and enjoys romance novels and sweet poems. These ladies love authors such as Nicholas Sparks and always watch romantic films on repeat. Hopeless romantic girls feel connected to such mediums and they can hear or see things in them that they can relate to their personal relationships and lives as a whole.

Even though they would love it if someone goes with them to the theaters to watch a new romantic movie, these girls are also perfectly fine with going all by themselves. Feeling all the emotions these movies as well as novels and songs can bring is almost like experiencing these things in real life.

She appreciates small gestures.

Small trinkets, love notes, flowers, and other tiny gestures are things that a hopeless romantic girl will always appreciate. They also love giving such gifts to their special someone. Small and thoughtful gestures mean more than grand gestures to these girls. While others adore expensive items, a hopeless romantic girl will settle for small things.

She prioritizes the relationship.

When a hopeless romantic girl is single, she might have some hobbies she does a few times a week. It could be hitting the gym or attending an art class. However, they wouldn’t think twice of dropping their routine or hobbies the moment they get into a relationship so they can spend more time with their special someone.

There is nothing wrong or negative with being a hopeless romantic girl. In fact, based on the things listed above, it is easy to see that there are some good aspects of being someone who has a hopeless romantic view of things.

If you think and feel that you got the same qualities as stated above, don’t hesitate to embrace them. However, just like anything else in this world, make sure that you control some of your emotions to ensure that you and your current or future partner will have a happy life ahead!