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What is a Spontaneous Person Like?

Everyone got that one spontaneous friend who doesn’t seem to have the word “bored” in their vocabulary. They may seem absentminded sometimes but the moment their mind is set on something, you are almost sure that they will do everything to get it. Spontaneous people are often in control of a group and while they might sometimes push you to do things you don’t want to try, your day will end with a memory you will never forget.

What is a spontaneous person like, then?

They Think New Things are Exciting

A spontaneous person is always ready to take on a road trip, go to an art exhibit, or watch a movie. Of course, being spontaneous means that they don’t know what they feel like doing until that feeling actually hits them. The best thing about spontaneous people is that they always come up with new things to do that they wouldn’t have ever thought of otherwise. These are the kind of people that you should ask about their plans for Friday night when it is only Tuesday.

They are the Source of Entertainment

A spontaneous person is someone who always comes up with new ideas so their friends always count on them for a great time. They feel good that they are needed although there are times when it can be taxing for them to be relied for making plans at all times. It is also ironic that the most spontaneous thing that these people can do after their streak of spontaneity subsides is to spend a relaxing night at home while others are busy coming up with their own plans.

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They are Aware That Plans Can Change

A spontaneous person doesn’t really make concrete plans because they know all too well that once the day comes for these plans to become a reality, something more exciting is going to come up. There are spontaneous people who can overbook themselves and they don’t realize it that can result to them canceling on a schedule for something more exciting.

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They are Not Afraid of Things

Spontaneous people mostly live without being afraid of anything. They are not afraid of looking like a fool just to have a great time. They are the ones who egg on others to go rock climbing or try riding a hot air balloon. Spontaneous people rather live a dangerous life than not to have a life at all.

They Find New People Exciting

A spontaneous person thinks that new people they meet got the potential of being part of a remarkable adventure. They love to hear people’s life stories since they love to learn about everything and anything possible. A spontaneous person is also a great conversationalist since they allow you to talk at great lengths about the deepest passions you have and they don’t get bored listening to your dreams and hopes.

They Need to Be Always on the Move

It is very rare people to be just contented with hanging out. These people want to experience all the things that the world has to offer. They also know that their time to do all of these is limited. It doesn’t mean they should always go crazy, though. Even if they crave a quiet time alone, they would rather go to a café where they could spend the night instead of spending time at the house of a friend.

They Know It’s Not Good to Be Impulsive All the Time

There are times when spontaneous people could get into trouble when they don’t take extra care. While an impromptu beach trip is a great way to spend the day, too much spontaneity might lead to unnecessary expenses. It is fine to want to try new things but unexpected expenses without planning about them properly might create a serious dent on your wallet.

They Don’t Mind Outside Factors

Contingent circumstances don’t affect spontaneous people. If they scored tickets to a ball game but rain poured suddenly, they can ride the bus to the nearest museum. If friends back out of movie, they will still go and watch it alone. A spontaneous person knows that some things are just out of their control and they always get the best out of any situation.

They Think It’s Boring to Be a Mere Onlooker

A spontaneous person hates to be an outsider that only looks in. These people like being front and center in the midst of all the action. As they get in there and mix it up, a spontaneous person controls the surrounding ebb and flow and makes things exciting not only for themselves but also for the people around them. These people have to be a passive observer and they want experiencing their lives firsthand to the fullest.

They Find It Easy to Solve Problems

Spontaneous people are not bothered by a lot of things and they also don’t allow things that out of their control to cause them pain or hurt. If a plan has fallen through, they simply shrug this off and look for something else they can do. Once they encountered an obstacle, they can quickly come up with an innovative solution to the problem. A spontaneous person always thinks and this is the reason why it is very rare for them to get stuck in bad situations.

Just like other good reflexes or qualities, being a spontaneous person is something that you need to practice well in order for it to become of great help and use. There are numerous variables in your day to day life that are simply beyond your control. The power might go out all of a sudden. You might catch a nasty cold or the neighbor’s dog might bark all night long. You cannot give up control of things like these. However, you can definitely improve your outlook in life if you learn and try to become a bit more flexible. This is when being spontaneous can be a big help to you as it conditions you to relax and enjoy the ride.

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