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Hidden Reasons Why Libras Struggle with Mood Swings

Why Are Libras so Bipolar

Are you a Libra who finds yourself constantly fluctuating between moods, leaving you feeling like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster? Or maybe you know a Libra who seems to have an unpredictable and inconsistent temperament? If so, you’re not alone. The truth is that Libras are often labeled as “bipolar” due to their tendency to experience sudden shifts in their emotional state.

However, there are several hidden reasons why Libras struggle with mood swings that go beyond just a simple astrological stereotype. In this blog post, we’ll explore the astrological, social, and psychological factors that contribute to the unique emotional landscape of Libras, shedding light on why they may seem “bipolar” to the outside world.

The Astrological Influence

Astrology, the practice of interpreting the position of celestial bodies to gain insight into personality and life trends, may influence how some people perceive bipolar tendencies in Libras. The zodiac sign Libra, represented by a set of scales, is known for its sense of balance and fairness. This is often taken as a sign of evenness in temperament, however when astrological influences are taken into account it can appear that Libras may display traits associated with bipolar disorder.

When trying to understand how astrological influences play into perceived bipolar tendencies in Libras, it’s important to know what other signs they interact closely with. As an air sign Libra shares qualities with Gemini and Aquarius which have been associated with manic states – both positive and negative – that occur during mood changes related to bipolar disorder.

Ruling Planet, Venus

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, which is associated with all things related to beauty, love and balance. Venus symbolizes harmony in Libra and its energy of balance can also lead to bipolar tendencies. As a result, Libras tend to experience strong emotional swings between being content and feeling chaotic.

Venus is most closely linked with Libra’s natural desire for balance and harmony, but it can sometimes create a state of inner tension when these needs are thwarted. This can cause Libras to be prone to mood swings between feeling elated or depressed at any given moment depending on their current circumstances. When faced with any kind of imbalance, Libra has a tendency to become very anxious or even manic in order to restore equilibrium.

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Dual Nature

Libra is known for its dual nature, which can often lead to indecision and mood swings. This zodiac sign is associated with two symbols, the scales of justice and the balancing a pair of wings. These symbols both represent Libra’s need for balance, harmony, and equality in their lives. As such, they are prone to being pulled in different directions depending on the situation or other people’s opinions. Because of this duality, Libras may waver between decisions or feel unsure about which course of action to take.

When Libras try to appease everyone instead of making a decision that is true to themselves, it can lead to an inner conflict that manifests as mood swings and indecisiveness. It can be difficult for them to make up their minds due to all the possible options presented by their natural duality.

The Social Influence

Libras are often seen as the most balanced of all the astrological signs, but this doesn’t mean they don’t experience struggles with their mental health. A discussion of how societal expectations and societal pressure may contribute to perceived bipolar tendencies in Libras is necessary in order to explore the complexities of how an astrological sign interacts with society.

Societal expectations typically require Libras to present themselves as calm and collected, no matter what kind of situation they are faced with. This can be difficult for a Libran since internally they may be feeling overwhelmed or out of control. When faced with numerous tasks or responsibilities, it’s easy for them to feel overwhelmed by the stress and pressure which can lead to feelings that manifest themselves into bipolar tendencies over time.

Desire for Balance and Harmony

Libra has an innate desire to seek harmony, peace, and justice in all aspects of their life. Although these traits can be beneficial, it can also lead to conflicts and mood swings when things don’t go as planned.

When things are not going according to plan or when two people have conflicting opinions, Libras may become frustrated if they cannot create the balance they crave. They may try to find ways to fix the problem by compromising but this often leads to confusion and frustration because they want both sides of the equation to be satisfied without realizing that it is impossible. This can cause them to swing between wanting one thing then wanting another which can lead them into emotional turmoil or conflict with another person.

Need for Approval

The need for approval, or the desire to be liked, is an issue that plagues many Libra individuals. The strong need for balance, justice and harmony in life can also lead to an excessive worry about being accepted by others and gaining their approval. Such feelings of insecurity can cause mood swings, anxiety and depression as a result of feeling like one’s opinions are not valued or respected.

This need for approval can manifest itself in several ways, such as being overly agreeable in order to please people or constantly seeking out reassurance from significant others. In extreme cases it can even lead to social anxiety disorder due to the fear of judgement from peers. Additionally it may be difficult for Libras to make decisions on their own since they feel so concerned with pleasing everyone around them.

The Psychological Influence

Psychological factors can have a great deal of influence on how we perceive ourselves, as well as how others perceive us. It has been suggested that psychological factors can play a role in amplifying these tendencies and creating difficulty for Libras with managing their moods.

The idea that psychological factors may contribute to perceived bipolar tendencies in Libras stems from an understanding of the way they think and process information. Libras tend to be highly analytical and seek balance and harmony in all aspects of their life. This means they tend to see things from multiple perspectives, which can cause them to experience strong emotional reactions when faced with difficult decisions or situations.

Tendency Towards Perfectionism

Libra’s natural inclination towards perfectionism can have detrimental effects on the well-being of a Libra. Perfectionism in a Libra can lead to overwhelming feelings of anxiety and mood swings.

When perfectionism is unchecked, it leads to unachievable standards being set by Libras in all aspects of life; from relationships and career paths to personal habits. When these impossible goals cannot be met due to circumstances outside their control, the resulting failure can be devastatingly demoralizing for them leading to depression or extreme stress.

Furthermore, when feeling overwhelmed with trying to reach their lofty expectations they may resort to disengaging completely from social situations which only increases feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Tendency Towards Overthinking

Libra is known for its tendency to overthink. This can lead to strong mood swings and indecision. As a result, Libra people often struggle with making decisions or reaching conclusions.

The cause of this behavior lies in the fact that Libra individuals are constantly searching for balance and harmony in their lives. Due to this need, they often find themselves analyzing situations from all angles before making any decisions.

Although this may seem helpful at first, it can lead to confusion and even self-doubt if they eventually come up with too many options or conclusions. Furthermore, when faced with difficult decisions, Libras may become overwhelmed by the amount of information they are processing which can cause them to feel emotionally exhausted and unable to decide on anything at all.


The stigma associated with Libras can be damaging and hurtful. It is time to stop perpetuating negative stereotypes and instead work to understand, support and embrace the unique qualities of the Zodiac sign of Libra. There are many strengths that come with being a Libra, and it is important to recognize these qualities rather than seeing them as weaknesses. By doing this, we can create a more inclusive and understanding environment where everyone feels accepted.

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