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Astrological Sign of Cancer: Personality Traits, Love, Career and Money

People between the 21st of June and the 22st of July are born under the fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer with crab as its symbol. The moon rules this cardinal water sign that is best known for being comforting, homey, and emotional.

Take a look at the positive and negative traits of Cancer, what their personality is like, how they love, and how they are when it comes to career and money.

Information On Zodiac Sign of Cancer

Dates: June 21 – July 22
Element: Water
Ruling Planet: Moon
Color: White
Quality: Cardinal
Lucky Gemstone: Ruby
Flower: Orchid, White Rose
Lucky Day: Monday, Thursday
Compatibility Signs: Capricorn, Taurus
Zodiac Sign of Cancer

Personality Traits of Cancer

Being a water sign, Cancer is emotionally intelligent with awareness of the feelings of other people. Here are some of their positive and negative traits.

Positive Traits


Cancer can be quite charming every time they want to be and can light up the room right away. This charm attracts people that makes it easy for them to meet new faces.


Believe it or not, Cancers are quite funny. Even bad jokes make them laugh.


Gut instincts are what Cancers trust the most. Instead of logic, they rely on intuition when making decisions. Their ability to read people easily helps them reach the right decisions and stay away from deceptions.


One of the best personality traits of Cancer is their loyalty once you earn their trust, something that may take some time, though. They do anything it takes to help the people they love. Their empathy and strong emotional intelligence make them devoted.


Cancer is also extremely protective of family and friends. Although they don’t appreciate confrontation, they are ready to face anything if their loved ones are suffering.

Negative Traits


Cancer is often seen as erratic. Similar to waves, Cancer comes and goes and doesn’t stay still. They are afraid of being misled which makes them flighty.


Sometimes, Cancers can get too emotional. These people are known for their temperamental mood that changes in a snap. These mood changes are similar to the phases of the moon or tides due to their deep care.


Cancers tend to get very paranoid because they wish to know everything that is happening around them. They also tend to suspect too easily and feel that something is off even if things are fine.


Criticisms are never taken kindly by Cancer. Their day will be ruined if you tell them mean things. They are natural brooders that cause them to hurt their self-esteem.


Cancerians can be shy, but this does not mean they are weak. They often find it difficult to open up to others, but this doesn’t mean they don’t have any friends or allies. Cancerians who are able to overcome their shyness and build strong relationships with others are usually the ones who thrive in life.

Characteristics of Cancer

The characteristic of Cancer is similar to wading in a lake of warm water chest-deep. The water feels cool and sparkling as it touches the body but once you dive in, it feels warm.

The self-awareness of Cancer is similar to the tides. They always move in and out of focus with a layered personality. They have a lot of moods, with some being contradictory. However, they also have a persisting deep core self.

Their personal sorrows and other people’s sorrows weigh Cancers down. Grief haunts them often and they find it difficult to share their pains with other people. Vulnerability scares them because they fear that their weaknesses will be used by others against them. The sign also learned to hide their pains just so they don’t burden others. They even pretend to be fine even if they are not.

The emotions of Cancer are like a visible nerve. They feel everything. Even the smallest provocation can trigger them. They also carry deep grudges because they always remember the slightest emotional stings.

As homebodies, change isn’t something that Cancer loves because they find comfort in the familiar. Routine and stability draw them in. They always want to know what to expect. Unlike other zodiac signs, they are not that experimental.

The past also attracts them, and traditions matter to them. They also appreciate art that serves as a reminder of another time. Old art forms and old stories are also great for them. They find comfort in predictable environments. They like knowing what will happen instead of surprises. They always want to feel that they are a part of a much bigger plan.

Cancer in Love

As an emotional sign, feelings matter the most for Cancer when it comes to their relationships. Caring and gentle, they show the world their sensibility without considering how it will hurt them.

Cancer always chooses a partner who can understand them through silent and nonverbal contact with a similar daily routine. Their affection doesn’t last long when their partners are unreliable, flaky, or superficial.

These people are dedicated and ready to make even unhealthy compromises just to keep an image of a good family. They may even choose partners who might be abusive or selfish. They feel a sense of security when they have a life and a shared responsibility together with a partner. It makes them feel ready to take the next step in life, whether it is a new job, a child or cleaning up hurtful or obsolete relationships and friendships.

Their love for marriage, traditional values, parenthood, and children makes them misguided by people they trust and admire into tweaking their honest approach to something that doesn’t suit their real personality. Never take a Cancer’s understanding and compassion or they will show you that you are a bad match.

Cancer Matching Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces, Capricorn

Career of Cancer

Cancer will always roll up its sleeves right away and get a job done successfully. They often have a better performance when left to work on their own instead of having other people around them. They always focus on their task and show loyalty to their boss. Some of the best careers for Cancer include politicians, nurses, decorators, housekeepers, and gardeners.

Money of Cancer

Money and security are extremely important for Cancer, which explains why they work hard. Earning money is easy for them, and they don’t like to spend everything in one go. Their main goal is to have savings and investments and watch them grow every day.

The sign is also great at financial and time management and is also resourceful. They are usually in charge of the household’s money and keep their partner and members of the family under control.

Final Thoughts on Cancer

As the zodiac’s homebody sign who is also emotional, Cancer is a cardinal water sign that is known for being nurturing and caring.

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