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Astrological Sign of Leo: Personality Traits, Love, Career and Money

The lion represents the fifth sign of the zodiac, Leo, born between the 23nd of July and the 22rd of August. The sun rules this fixed fire sign best known for its courage, boldness, and glamour.

Continue reading below to learn about their traits and personality of Leo and how they approach love, career, and money.

Information On Zodiac Sign of Leo

Dates: July 23 – August 22
Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: Sun
Color: Gold, Yellow
Quality: Fixed
Lucky Gemstone: Carnelian
Flower: Sunflower
Lucky Day: Sunday
Compatibility Signs: Sagittarius, Gemini
Zodiac Sign of Leo

Personality Traits of Leo

Leo is sometimes called the ruler of the Zodiac. They are always in charge, but it doesn’t save them from having positive and negative traits.

Positive Traits


The traits of Leo have a different manifestation in women compared to men. While Leo women are confident which makes them fearless and outgoing, they can also be quite sensitive, particularly in terms of things they wholeheartedly believe in.

Leo men are also quite confident, flirtatious, and passionate. They are commanding and powerful due to their confidence and they are not afraid to show it.


These people are determined, refusing to stop until they reach whatever they want to do. You cannot stop them once they set their mind on something.


Leos give the best gifts and are amazing givers, whether in terms of material things or love. They are generous with money, time, attention, and affection.


Loyalty is valuable for Leos and so, they also expect loyalty in return from those around them. it also makes them trustworthy, which means they will be true to you and keep all your secrets.

Natural Leader

With traits of natural-born leaders, Leos always attract people to them. Their confidence and spirit also make everyone trust Leo.


Expressive and burning with passion, you will find it easy to know what interests a Leo. This can come in handy in relationships because they use body language or words to express themselves.


Strength is one of Leo men’s most prominent traits, both physical and mental. It is not surprising how they strive to always be the best.


Expect to get what you asked for once you ask a Leo for advice or guidance. Out of all zodiac signs, they are the most straightforward as they don’t hold back in saying things. They always want to be honest even if their words of wisdom might sound harsh.

Negative Traits


Their self-confidence makes Leos arrogant. They make everything about them and often dismiss people whose goals are different from theirs.


Leos want and crave to be the center of attention, making other people perceive them as self-centered.


With a big heart willing to help others, Leos are often disappointed. Their trusting nature and generosity make them prone to being taken advantage of.

Characteristics of Leo

Loving, bold, and warm, Leos are the ultimate showmen. These people are known for their charisma of politicians and a Broadway star’s theatrical flair.

Their personalities are captivating uniquely with words. They are also eloquent speakers on different topics even if these are new to them.

Anything that a Leo does is filled with ambition with their heart as the ruler of their lives. They are confident and brash and rely on their instincts with effortless and natural actions.

Leos are also known for their relentless thirst for growth that is often satiated by other people’s praise. It shows right away if they are hurting. They use their anger as the protective wall that shields their vulnerabilities. These people want others to perceive them as invincible because they fear admitting their vulnerability, being incomplete, and needing things from others.

Leo’s bad sides show up when their admirable and positive traits go overlap with the excess. These people are often seen as overbearing, but it is only the result of their warmth and hyper-presence.

These people are also reputed as braggarts. But they consider it as sharing instead of bragging. They feel connected if they share their achievements with other people. They also expect something similar from their friends in return. They wish to be celebrated but are also more than happy to celebrate with you.

Leos also like feeling important. But instead of being worshipped or revered, all they want is for their real selves to be recognized. There is a subtle difference between worship and admiration, but it is the difference between Leo’s focus on the good of the people they love and them being preoccupied with themselves.

They also love being the center of the universe, hoping for rewards for being the brightest and the best. They crave special treatment, and they feel that they deserve every ounce of it.

Leo in Love

With a sincere and passionate Fire sign, Leo expresses their feelings clearly and easily. They are very generous, respectful, loyal, and fun to their special someone every time they are in love. They are the leaders in their relationships, strongly counting on their need for initiative and independence. Their partner may find this tiring sometimes, particularly once they start to impose their will and organize things they should be organizing anyway.

Leo needs a partner who has the same level of intellect, self-awareness, and reasonability as them. A Leo’s partner must also feel free to fight for and express themselves even when she stop talking to you. But excessive light from the Sun of Leo might burn down their personality.

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that chasing a Leo will be hard. After all, these animals are some of the most independent and demanding creatures on the planet. But if you’re determined to win their hearts, don’t be afraid to show your affection to them.

Leo Matching Signs: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius

Career of Leo

Leos are always busy bees filled with energy whatever their career or profession calls for. They are optimistic, creative, and ambitious, and the moment they put their dedication to what they do, you can expect them to do everything just right.

These people are the most suitable for situations where they are the boss, or they manage other people with minimal control from their bosses as much as possible. Careers that let them express their artistic talents like entertainment and acting are perfect for Leos.

Politics, education, and management are also a great fit for this sign or anything else that will put them in the position as a leader that is naturally suitable for them.

Money of Leo

Leos always love having trendy and modern things around them, and even if it is easy for money to come to them, they are not that responsible when it comes to spending it compared to the rest of the signs. Being extremely generous, Leo can offer financial assistance to their friends, and support them even through bad times. Even if it may be unwise, this makes them feel great.

Final Thoughts on Leo

Funny, warm, and full of life, Leo is regal by nature which is a perfect mix of positive and negative sides.

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