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Astrological Sign of Taurus: Traits, Personality, Love, Career and Money

The bull symbolizes the zodiac’s second sign, Taurus. These people born between April 20 and May 20 are sturdy and grounded with a keen interest in the natural world’s beauty.

Read on to learn more about the personality traits of Taurus and how they are in terms of love, career, and money.

Information On Zodiac Sign of Taurus

Dates: April 20 – May 20
Element: Earth
Ruling Planet: Venus
Color: Pink
Quality: Fixed
Lucky Gemstone: Emerald
Flower: Rose
Lucky Day: Friday, Monday
Compatibility Signs: Scorpio, Cancer
Zodiac Sign of Taurus

Personality Traits of Taurus

Being an Earth sign, Taurus is stable, grounded, and logical. Their unmatched loyalty makes them stay devoted to their chosen passions for a long time.

Positive Traits


Mellow and down-to-earth, Taurus has a calm aura that attracts more people to them because of their ability to let them relax.


Taurus can be hard workers, that is, whenever they want to be. Once they put their minds to something, they can get it done. They also give their best effort if they want to achieve something.


Multitasking is one of the key traits of Taurus. They pay close attention to every detail, cope well with difficulties, and adapt quickly to anything that blocks their path. Taurus is also conscious and rooted.


Many people cannot help but envy the patience of Taurus. They don’t get stressed out or frustrated every time they are given a project that requires a long time to decide what to do or deserves more focus.


People born under this zodiac sign are understanding thanks to their ability to assess the different sides of every situation even if it can get overwhelming for them. They also have exceptional observational skills which help them get a better understanding of why people behave differently. But beyond this understanding, Taurus also offers realistic solutions if someone asks them for advice.

Negative Traits


Taurus may seem like they are independent and have it all together but in reality, their autonomy often makes things difficult for them. Most of them find it hard to leave home once they become an adult. Taurus is dependent on other people, sometimes resulting in disappointment.


Taurus also tends to be very possessive as far as their significant other is concerned. Just like the bull, Taurus tends to get angry very fast if someone threatens their relationship.


It may sound a bit contradictory but menial tasks can make Taurus get the dreaded procrastination bug. These tasks include things such as household chores. This sign only takes up activities they love to do.


Taurus has a rather strong desire of being the best and getting the best of everything. They also want to date the best person out there. This is why it is easy for them to leave behind something that doesn’t meet their standards.


Taurus is also infamous for being stubborn. After all, the bull is the symbol of the sign for a reason. They stand firm in their position, making it difficult for them to accept the points of view of other people. But they can still be persuaded depending on the amount of evidence you present to prove your point. Better come prepared if you want to do so because it will take more than eloquence, time, and patience to do just that.

Characteristics of Taurus

Taurus are the kind of people who find satisfaction in things just the way they are. They are the embodiment of stability. Just when things are spiraling downwards, Taurus remains calm and dependable. Experience and practical knowledge are at their very core.

This sign has a remarkable orientation to the physical world around them. They are logical and grounded. Routine matters a lot to them, and their personal comfort is where their commitment lies. Being in control is also important for Taurus. They are steady and patient, with a sense of materialism that serves as the extension of their quest for stability.

There is something regal about Taurus who also happen to be diligent and graceful laborers. Despite being bullheaded, set in their ways, and stubborn, you can always depend and count on a Taurus to listen to you. These people never tire out and they rise above obstacles successfully because they always got a plan B ready.

Unfortunately, the materialistic tendencies of Taurus are the beginnings of their bad traits. There are times when they are too determined to reach material success with the tendency to be greedy. They can also be indifferent to other people’s needs once they are motivated to achieve their personal goals.

Criticisms are not part of the vocabulary of Taurus. They are rock-hard, with feedback bouncing right off them. These people are also stubborn. If they don’t want to do it, they won’t do it. Changing their minds come slow to them because any change is a threat to their sense of stability. They can get extremely set in their existing routine that they become comfortable to the point that they lose sight of important things.

Taurus in Love

If you have a Taurus lover, make sure you come prepared with tons of patience. They are very sensual. For them, smell, touch, and all the pleasurable senses are extremely important. Once they establish enough intimacy with a partner, they can get clingy and needy.

Keeping their emotions in check and holding on to practical reasoning is also important as they embrace the initiative and change of their partner all the time. When it comes to long-term relationships, they often pick those who belong to the same social environment that responds to their intellectual needs and meets the expectations of their close friends and family.

Taurus will never go back to the old relationship they had. They are stubborn and will not change their mind about what they want. Taurus is confident in who they are and what they want, so they will not back down from what they believe in.

Taurus Matching Signs: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces

Career of Taurus

Taurus is thorough, patient, hardworking, and reliable, whether as someone in a powerful position or as an employee. Once focused on a certain project, they always stick to it whatever happens around them. Their working routine is based on stability.

Their quest for material rewards and pleasures is because of their actual need to establish their personal sense of value and live a practical but luxurious lifestyle. They consider their job as the best way to achieve this.

They are best fit for occupations in art, banking, agriculture, and everything that requires culinary skills.

Money of Taurus

Taurus loves money and works hard to earn it. Their finances are well-organized, and their bills are paid on time. They save money for rainy days, settle their pension, and do just well no matter how small or big their salary is.


The sensuous and stable fixed earth sign of the modern zodiac, Taurus is present and reliable and loves stability more than anything else.

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