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Where to Meet Other Married Couples Who Also Don’t Have Kids Yet

Kids, toddlers, and babies are everywhere no matter where you go. Although it can bring any parent or family so much joy to know that a little angel is coming soon, the sad truth is not all married couples find it easy to get pregnant. And for others, pregnancy is simply out of the question.

Where to Meet Other Married Couples Who Also Dont Have Kids Yet

The good news is that married couples who haven’t been blessed with children yet can find help and rely on some support groups formed especially for them. Here are some of the available options on where to meet other married couples who also don’t have kids yet:

Being Fruitful Without Multiplying

Being Fruitful Without Multiplying originally began as a collaboration among three women who share their personal stories on how to live a life with no procreation. It doesn’t matter if you are childless or childfree because this Facebook group will welcome you with open arms. There, you can share your own experiences, feelings, and thoughts when it comes to living a procreation-free life.

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The best thing about Being Fruitful Without Multiplying is that they have a closed forum, which means that everything is kept private you can be comfortable as you express yourself with other people just like you, recommend some good books, share related articles, or simply rant as you want and need to.

Ageing Well Without Children

Ageing Well Without Children is an organization based in the United Kingdom that is meant for people more than 50 years old who still don’t have kids. It includes those who don’t have children later in their life by circumstance, choice, distance, estrangement, bereavement, or other reasons. You are free to join even if you are under 50 years of age but most of the discussions here are around aging-related concerns. There are more and more people who now age without kids and after two decades, it is expected that millions of people more than 65 years old will not have kids.

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Empowered Childlessness

Empowered Childlessness has been formed for men and women who don’t have kids out of choice, circumstance, or loss. The people behind Empowered Childlessness understand how important it is to have a place where people can discuss the process of healing that starts from grief and ends with empowerment. They want to make people embrace the journey, recognize, and begin letting go of the things that hold them back in their lives and connect once again with vitality, freedom, and joy because this is what everyone deserves.

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Childless, Beyond The Dream

Childless, Beyond The Dream is a place meant for those for whom having a kid is beyond their dreams. The group encourages people to learn to face I, choose to face it, and just face it head on.

More To Life

More to Life can help people who are childless by circumstance. It can be challenging to be involuntary childless but it shouldn’t stop you from making your life a fulfilling one. You were probably unsuccessful with infertility treatment or you might have also considered some other options to build a family only to learn that this isn’t meant for you. Your partner might not want to have kids or maybe you haven’t found the right person you can have a baby with.

No matter what your situation might be, More to Life offers advice, support, and strategies on how to come to help you move forward and look for a way to enjoy and appreciate your life even if no kids are involved. More to Life supports not only couples but also individual men and women.

Walking Forward Inspirational Network

Walking Forward Inspirational Network is a business-based group where you can connect with women and men who are involuntary childless on all subjects. You can consider this as a business networking group less business people. The group keeps things private, making it a secure place where people can share struggles, vent, confess, and cry to help one another in the best way possible. They offer support, compassion, and love for people who feel frustrated and overwhelmed with things happening to them.

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The Dovecote Community

The Dovecote Community inspires, supports, and connects people who are grappling with involuntary childlessness and help them connect with their everyday lives again and rediscover their purpose and passion.

The Empty Cradle

If you have been going through the hardships of not having a child, The Empty Cradle will greet you and understand all the pains you’ve been thorough from inside out. People have gathered here together to offer support for each other, share their stories, cry, laugh, and just engage in deep conversations about life. They have a space for the grief of every person and they work together to create lives with more meaning that abounds with freedom, joy, and purpose.

Childless Path To Acceptance

Childless Path To Acceptance serves as a safe haven for men and women who are not childless by choice, whether it is because of circumstance or infertility. When the time finally comes that you need to move on and accept the kind of life you didn’t imagine to have and you need some help to get there, this is where you can find friends who really understand the situation. They work together to offer support to one another and gear towards acceptance.

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Childfree Teachers

Not a lot of teachers doesn’t have kids and for this reason, it is sometimes easy to feel like you are all alone. Childfree Teachers is a group where teachers can gather, no matter where they are in the world. This is where there can share ideas, stories, interests, resources, and everything else. It is mainly a place where you can find and connect with like-minded people who only get to deal with the children in their classrooms.

Childless By Circumstance, Not By Choice

Childless By Circumstance, Not By Choice is a page made for women who have that special spot in their heart. These women don’t have children and here, they can pretty much express their feelings, anger, and other emotions without the fear of being judged.

If you feel like you can use some support to help you with your journey as a married couple with no kids yet, these are the best places to go to.

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