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How Social Media Destroys Relationships?

Social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and everything in between have now taken over people’s everyday lives. While this technological invention is associated with many positives, the rise of social media also comes with some serious negatives that will not only affect your career or self-esteem but even your relationships.

In case you are not yet aware of them, here are some ways on how social media destroys relationships:

Social Media Can Eat Into Your Quality Time Together

If you value your quality time with your partner, it might be best to ban your smartphones and make one another your priority instead of taking random selfies. It is quite amazing how much of a couple’s time could be consumed as they try to stay updated and check their accounts in the different social media platforms. While social media can be important to some people’s careers, it shouldn’t be the primary focus of your day. Never forget to nourish and nurture the actual things in your life that matter the most.

Social Media Can Lead to Mistrust, Insecurities, and Paranoia

This might sound so serious but it is actually true and most of the time, this begins with a very small fear that can grow little by little as you become more obsessed and focused on social media. Social media should never be the center of your relationship with your partner. You should avoid checking your partner’s profile every 10 minutes or secretly stalk other people just to see if there is something fishy going on. If social media already started to control your thoughts, actions, and basically made you go crazy, you might want to reassess the situation and take a break if possible.

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Social Media Can Cause Unwanted Opinions and Oversharing

When you make your life an open book that everyone can see, you are basically inviting a lot of unwanted opinions of people telling you how you should be running your life. Social media gives you that silent permission and confidence to overshare.

What Will You Pick?

The choice you make will reveal your personality

Why is that? This is because you know all too well that this will generate sympathy, attention, or some sort of discussion in such a way that will make you feel like who you are is important and what you say is validated.

Who you really are is important yet your worth as a person should never depend on random strangers and their opinions. Similarly, you should not allow your private life to be judged by those people who don’t have a real position in your actual world. This doesn’t mean that you should enjoy using social media yet you should never lose perspective as well.

Social Media Makes You Compare

It is quite amazing how your self-esteem could take a serious hit if you don’t get 500 likes in your post, especially if you actually made an effort just be sure that it will grab attention. To put things in perspective, you need to remember that the things you see on your friend’s Facebook or Instagram account doesn’t necessarily represent their real life, much less their level of happiness.

Never be fooled by those hashtags and filters. A lot of people are successful and happy with no need to let the whole world know about it and get people’s approval. Just because someone has a car doesn’t mean that you are any less successful as a person.

Social Media Makes You Jump to Conclusions

The fact that the ex of your partner liked their picture on Instagram doesn’t already mean that they are back together without you knowing it. It also doesn’t mean that they have fallen in love again with each other. Many people are not good in letting go of the past and thanks to social media, they can continue to feel connected.

There are also people who just like creating drama. To do this, they like photos, comment on posts, or follow or send a friend request. Every time you see two people connected on social media, the tendency is to jump to conclusions without even trying to know the truth. Sometimes, they don’t even talk about it.

Social Media Invites the Past to the Present

How often do you receive a message, comment, or friend request from an ex, an old friend, or a past colleague? Social media got limited boundaries as far as the people who can access or contact you are concerned. While it can take you on a trip down memory or make you feel nostalgic thinking of the bygone good times, this might also open doors to unwanted emotions or worse, temptations that can enter your present life.

As always, let the past stay there and if some people, specifically exes, no longer exist in your present life now, there is surely a good reason for this. Be cautious whom you reconnect with and never feel like it is your obligation to accept someone just because they used to be a part of your life.

Social Media Blurs the Boundaries

When you let the world see your life, it means you end to cover and monitor more ground, something that is never easy to master. It seems that social media has this unspoken etiquette that you will offend someone if you don’t accept them. Now, that is pure rubbish. Your own life is the one at stake here and you don’t need to overshare just because this is what everyone else is doing.

A colleague doesn’t always need to become a Facebook friend. It is important for you and your partner to set clear boundaries when it comes to the people that you can invite into your private lives.

Social Media Could Become Addictive and Become a Priority

Do you reach for your phone right away upon waking up or browse your feed while you and your partner are having dinner? There must be rule to ban devices during meals and social gatherings. You were able to live for years without your phone so don’t lose your perspective and put it down and enjoy good conversations just like the old days.

It is all up to you if you will let social media destroy your relationship. So, be wise and responsible enough when using these platforms.

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